Book Review: Perfectly Dateless by Kristin Billerbeck

perfectAs a senior at a Christian high school, Daisy May Crispin is questioning her family’s faith and values. Daisy has one goal for her senior year, which is: find a date for prom. There are a few problems with her goal: A) she has never had a boyfriend and B) her parents will not let her date. Even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Daisy has made a list of the most eligible guys at her school, hoping that at least one will notice her and ask her to prom.

Daisy’s parents believe in courtship and since she isn’t going to marry anyone she meets in high school, having a date to prom is not an option. Daisy, along with her best friend Claire, spend the days leading up to prom making themselves less invisible and more available. Daisy is trying to figure out how to have a conversation with a boy without spitting out random facts and Claire is trying to figure out if the goth look or the prep look works for her. Together, they manage to create a scenario that you would never expect to find in a Christian novel.

Perfectly Dateless, by Kristin Billerbeck surprised me in more than one way. I went in blind when I started this book: I had no idea what it was about.  Perfectly Dateless is a different kind of young adult novel that I am used to reading because it included a lot of Christian ideas. It was interesting to read a book with a young adult perspective on courtship and having God in your life during high school. I think a lot of Christian girls would enjoy reading this book. Some of the novel was written like a journal: Daisy’s prom journal.

Even though I enjoyed the book, during a few parts, I was confused. I felt like a few scenes were rushed and a few conversations were out of place. I kept going back to see if I missed something, but I didn’t. I also didn’t like how one of the main issues was resolved at the end, it seemed as the conflict conclusion was a cop-out.

There are a lot of hot topics in the book: money vs. God, alcohol, drugs, and beauty within vs. physical beauty. Kristin Billerbeck did a great job incorporating a lot of issues high school teens struggle with, even Christian ones, in her novel. The Christian youth group described in this book is made out to be just an extension of high school cliques. The author insinuates that even at church people judge each other, when though they know it isn’t what God would want. The novel is a real eye opener for young adult Christians. It alludes to the fact that even though you may go to church, and live your life through God, this doesn’t mean you’re perfect and living a carefree life.


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