Friday Five

1. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! We are so happy to be back in the USA this year to celebrate our Independence. It just isn’t the same celebrating in another country; although I do believe South Korea congratulated us last year with a sign right near our main gate. Did you know that this is the 200th anniversary for the Star Spangled Banner?

2. Our weekend plans consist of grilling, eating, and catching up on housework; I’m sure lots of cuddle time will be squeezed in with Little Jimmie, too. We are still recovering from our road trip last weekend. Luckily, today I was able to sleep in while Jim was on morning feeding duty. But wouldn’t ya know, Jimmie slept until 9 AM; he knew it was Daddy’s turn!

3. Jimmie held his head up this week on his tummy time mat for the first time; before he would just hold it up on our chests, or in the Ergo. I was lucky to capture a picture. I also got a video of him trying to roll on his side. It really is the most exciting thing in the world when something like this happens. I can’t even imagine how excited I’m going to be when he sits, crawls, walks, and talks.

4. This week I’m reading Perfectly Dateless by Kristin Billerbeck. It reminds me a lot of the Duggers on TLC and their Christian courtship rules. It’s a different kind of YA book, but I am enjoying it. I think I downloaded it for free to my Kindle a long time ago.

5. I miss the beach, terribly. I’m hoping to at least get there once this summer, but it’s very hard with a newborn. I only have one more month to call my little baby boy a newborn. I can not believe he turned 8 weeks yesterday! I don’t even remember being pregnant anymore, which is probably a good thing, because I was miserable. Being a mom is certainly better than being pregnant.

Our week in photos:







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