Friday Five

1. It has been hot here in Maryland, but I really can’t complain. It really isn’t “Korea hot,” the kind of weather we have experienced the past two summers. Korea was so much hotter than MD/NJ/PA  (okay, maybe not FL, though). Jim and I were taking a walk the other day around noon, when the day has usually hit it’s peak temperature, and we both agreed it was already that hot at 7am in Korea.

2. Jimmie is taking his first road trip with us this weekend to a little family reunion with Jim’s family. I am trying to get stuff together for it, as well as my own stuff, and I am realizing that traveling with a newborn is no easy task.

3. Speaking of my little man, he has only been waking up to eat once a night. It’s pretty amazing actually, but I am not sleeping as well as I should, constantly waiting for him to wake up and cry. He will either wake up at 2 and 7ish or 4 and 9ish; I prefer the latter because then I can get stuff done in the morning before he gets up. Also, waking up at 2 is kind of painful.

4. I’m stoked for USA making the next round in the World Cup! Jim says they don’t have a chance, but I am trying to believe that they do. How hilarious would it be if they won? (Is that a non-American thing to say?) I only say it because every other team in the world is so much better at soccer than the USA. With that being said though, we are better at a lot of other sports, i.e. baseball! I’m very sad that South Korea did not advance, Jimmie was never able to wear his South Korea onesie because it is still too big.

5. Big Brother started this week. I am not ashamed to admit (okay, I am a LITTLE ashamed) that I have watch every single season leading up to this one, which is season 16. I like the house guests a lot more this year than last year. Here’s to hoping this year is better, or else Jim will never watch it with me again. My winner predictions are: Donny, the groundskeeper, because who would vote out a sweet middle aged man like him? And Christine, the barista, because she obviously loves coffee as much as me and I think she is adorable.

And I leave you with a few pictures from the week:

7 weeks

Time is flying


Put me in, coach



jimmie sleep

hanging with Daddy


7 weeks postpartum


3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Eric says:

    Good luck on the road trip. Loving Big Brother already (sadly I’ve watched just about every season as well)… The twist seems like it will be entertaining this year so that floaters actually get out because they’ll lose in the new “Battle of the Block”.

    • Rosie says:

      thanks! Yes, Dana told me you guys really like it too 🙂 If Jim gives up on the season, I know who to chat about it with. Do you guys pick who you think will win? I do like the teamamerica thing, but I was hoping for another All-star season! Maybe next year.

  2. Mary forlano says:

    Enjoy the road trip and tks for posting the pictures…enjoy seeing Jimmie- he is too cute!
    Ps. I don’t watch big brother but I still watch Survivior after all these years!

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