Book Review: Nantucket Red by Leila Howland

redNantucket Red, the squeal to Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland, picks up right where Nantucket Blue left off, the end of summer. Cricket and Zach have a choice to make: stay together and have a long distance relationship or choose to take a break and pick back up the following summer. Fast forward to the next summer, the last summer before Cricket attends college on a lacrosse scholarship to Brown,  the gang is back and better than ever, with new characters and juicy story lines.

This summer, Cricket is working at a restaurant, Jules and Zach have finally made it into an elite country club, and Liz is running the B & B that her and Cricket worked at the previous summer. I think Leila Howland’s followup novel, Nantucket Red, is a slam dunk. I love how all of the original characters are in this book and how she weaves a few new characters in there, as well. I usually don’t enjoy sequels as much as their previous book, but this one is great.

In this young adult novel, Cricket is on a mission to complete a life list she found on a back of a picture of her deceased best friend’s mother. Even though she can’t complete it the way the original writer did, Cricket is determined to succeed in her own special way. Reading about Cricket’s determination was inspiring; she knew what she wanted and she refused to give up on it. Along the way, Cricket gets into a bit of trouble, but that doesn’t stop her from carrying on towards her end goal. During her journey, Cricket realizes that what she thought she always wanted, may not be what she needs right now.

This is a great novel to read right after high school. It encourages girls (and boys) to discover what they want and keep an eye on the prize. Nantucket Red is everything anyone would want in a summer beach read: love, friendship, and adventure. Once again, I fell in love with Nantucket and the quirkiness of all of the shops, restaurants, and people. The more I read about the island, the more I want to go.

My Life List:

Visit Greece

Ride in a hot air balloon

See a show at the Moulin Rouge

Get a Master’s Degree

Own a beach house or mountain house

Write a book

Work for a magazine or book publishing company

Run a 5K

Go to Disneyland in CA

I’ll add to my list when I think of more! What’s on your life list?


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