Losing Your Baby Weight Postpartum

workoutBaby weight: It’s one of the worst parts of being pregnant. After you give birth to this beautiful bundle of joy, you’re left with a not so beautiful bundle of fat. You can make excuses, you could live with the extra weight because you want to have more kids, or you could just….work out and eat healthy so that you can lose it. I know the saying is, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” But if you want to lose the weight, you have to workout while the baby sleeps AND you have to stop eating those pregnancy cravings!

During my pregnancy I gained 33 pounds. This was still in the “average” 25-35 weight you’re “allowed” to gain, but I was disappointed. I waited too long to start working out during my pregnancy, (about 20 weeks) instead of just continuing my normal workouts that I was doing pre-pegnancy. I also ate way too much because I thought I was on a healthy diet vacation. Now that I have been cleared to workout, (I was cleared after four weeks) I’m ready to go hard.

Set goals and rewards: When you wake up tell yourself you will workout today. Put on your workout cloths as soon as you get out of bed; ff you shower or put on normal clothes before you workout, you will never workout. I told myself that when I get to 135 pounds, (I was up to 163 and am currently out 138.4) I am going to buy new workout shoes. I also have a specific dress I want to fit into by October for a wedding we are going to, which means I have to be back to pre-baby weight to fit into it.

How do I make time to workout? I try to do my workout while Jimmie is taking his morning nap. First, I take him (and Toby) our for a walk. I strap Jimmie into the Ergo and he usually falls asleep. Once I’m back, I put him inthe rockaRoo and I start my workout. (I set everything up before I leave the house, so all I have to do is press play when I get back.) During my workout, I pray that Jimmie doesn’t wake up, but if he does, I move him from his rockaRoo, to his playmat, or I walk around with him a little bit if he is fussy. (I have also stopped to give him a bottle mid-workout, if I know he is hungry) You have to do whatever it takes to get your workout in, even if a 25 minute workout turns into an hour, just get it done.

What is my workout schedule? I am currently doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and then I am going to do Shaun T’s T25. I also walk 1-2 miles a day. When Jimmie is 6 months, I am going to join a gym that has daycare so that I can take him with me in the mornings. I already found an awesome gym with tons of classes.

What do I eat on my diet? I stopped breastfeeding shortly after I was cleared to workout; more on that another time. (No, I did not not stop so that I could workout harder, I was losing a lot of weight by breastfeeding.) Since I don’t need a bazillion calories a day to keep my milk up, I put myself on a diet. I eat cereal for breakfast (usually Cheerios with a banana), Greek yogurt or a protein shake for lunch, and whatever I feel like making for dinner (usually something with chicken). For snacks I eat: fruit cups, whole fruit,  Greek yogurt bars, and/or Special K Bars. (I also sometimes have a popsicle at night, after our walk.)

You need to be realistic: Sometimes I don’t work out when I should, sometimes we eat pizza, and sometimes I eat one too many snacks, but I am doing the best that I can, and so far it is working. I only have 10.4 pounds to go to get back to my pre-birth weight. (I have lost about 4 pounds because of diet and exercise. The rest was from breastfeeding and other normal post-pregnancy weight loss)

Do I think I am going to look exactly the same and have perfect abs? No, I never had abs before. But I am hoping to fit into a bathing suit (that I already own) before the end of summer. I think having Jimmie right before summer motivated me to go big and go hard. I don’t want to have extra weight in the summer, who does? Right now, I am happy with the way I look. I could just settle with this, and call it a day. But I refuse to be lazy and let the fat just sit on me forever. I will make it back to my pre-birth weight, and so will you!


4 thoughts on “Losing Your Baby Weight Postpartum

  1. mary Forlano says:

    Another very enjoyable entry Rosie! Stay determined and that weight will be gone shortly and you’ll look beautiful in your dress for the wedding! Love your pictures of Jimmie … he’s soooo cute!!!

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