Happy Summer Solstice!

summerThis morning, at 6:51 AM EST, summer officially began! I feel like summer has been here for well over a month already, but when you don’t work, summer seems to last, and last, and last.

Today is the longest day of 2014. Sadly enough, today is the last day that we will gain a minute of sunlight in the morning and in the evening. It’s all down here from today, until we reach the Winter Solstice in December.

The word “solstice” means sun and stands still. Today, the earth will stand still, while tilting towards the sun, before it starts to turn to tilt away from the sun, beginning our journey back towards winter.

I love summer and warm weather. We could use a little less rain, but then again, I have lived through many summers in a drought; I’m thinking we can wash our cars and water our lawns all summer long, this year. This is our first summer together on the East Coast since Jim and I got married. The past two summers we were in Korea and the one before we spent in Pensacola. Oh, I miss you Florida.

Jimmie had a little photo shoot this morning; it was his first official photo shoot. Here are some of the best photos. I probably took about 50 photos in total; Toby kept trying to sit on Jimmie (out of love of course) so it was a constant tug of war between getting Toby out of the way and getting Jimmie to look at the camera. We even did some selfies.


“Okay, I’ll give ya a smile if you stop taking photos.”


“I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Mom.”


“Ready to report for duty.”


“When can we sunbathe outside, Mom?”


“Can I take off this hat? It’s not sunny in the living room.”


“It says Mr. Sunshine, Mom, but I can’t see the sun.”


“Uh, oh, costume change. Gerber, I’m ready when you are.”


“Is selfie time kind of like hammer time?”


“Mom, Toby wants to be in this selfie too.”

“Mr. Sunshine” onesie/Old Navy (no longer available), sunglasses/ Babies R’ Us, bucket hat/Gap Outlet, dog onesie/ Gerber, giraffe blanket/ Aden + Anais

One summer and one boy, and suddenly, things weren’t the same – Sarah Dessen


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