First Month Baby Must-haves

Month one of being a first time parent is hard. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, and I’m not going to exaggerate, plain and simple, it’s hard. But we made it through with as much sleep as we could get, coffee, and going to the bathroom while holding the baby; I kid you not, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Don’t worry, during the second month, I have been going to the bathroom solo (most of the time).

Here are a few items that helped us get through our first month as new parents:

first month

1. The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Premium Sound Machine: We love rocking Little Jimmie to sleep to the sounds from this sleep-aid. He will calm down almost immediately at night as soon as we put the heartbeat sound on, after he is done eating. There are six “white noise” sounds and then another button for Mozart sounds. This one even comes with a very great book that gives helpful hints to get babies to sleep soundly (and through the night.) Bonus: I haven’t tried it yet, but there is also an MP3 hookup!

2. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play: Little Jimmie spends a ton of time in this thing. He sleeps in it day and night. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t adjusted to his crib yet because it is so big and he likes to be nice and snuggled. This item helps him feel safe.

3. Summer Infant Newborn SwaddlePod: Jimmie wore one of these almost every night during his first month. We started off swaddling him with blankets, but these are even better because he usually doesn’t wake up when we put him in it, if he has fallen asleep while eating. He also has room to move his arms and legs if he wants to.

4. 4moms rockaRoo: I talked about how much I love the rockaRoo in this post.

5. Disney Onesies: I love these onesies because there are two different rows of snaps. Disney onesis grow with your growing baby, which makes them last longer. Plus, the designs are just too cute for any Disney fan!

6. OXO Tot Perfect Pull Baby Wipes Dispenser: Who wants dry wipes after spending tons of money on them? Not me. I also hate pulling out more than one wipe at a time. This dispenser is awesome because it gives you one wipe at a time and doesn’t dry out your wipes! We buy the Pampers Sensitive wipes and just stick the package right in; just don’t forget to press the lid closed!

7. Gerber (or Carter’s) Long Sleeve Side Snap Mitten Cuffs Shirt – These shirts are great because you don’t have to put them over your newborns head. They’re also convenient because you can use the little mitten sleeves to keep your baby from scratching their face/eyes.


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