I L-O-V-E 4moms rockaRoo!


If you haven’t noticed already, I love baby products; it has become an growing obsession that will be hard to cure. One brand that I discovered, since I found out I was pregnant in September, is 4moms. I love their products because they are so modern and functional. I have been holding off on doing a post on the one product I love most, the rockaRoo, until Little Jimmie was born. Now that he is here, I can rave about this great product!

I won a rockaRoo from 4moms back in January when it was a brand new product. I was already interested in getting a mamaRoo, which is another product 4moms makes, so I figured, why not try out the rockaRoo, if I was lucky enough to win one.

After I won the rockaRoo, I realized I didn’t need BOTH swings, (which is what these products are,) and decided to just try out the one I won. I am so happy to report that the rockaRoo rocks! Jimmie loves swinging back and forth in it; it’s just like a rocking chair. It helps him stay asleep after I rock him to sleep in my arms.  While he is awake, he loves reaching for the mobile over his head. Bonus: There is even a MP3 hookup where you can plug in your Ipod/MP3 player in to play music while your baby creates their own rock and roll in the swing.

Jimmie likes his rockaRoo on the second slowest rocking motion out of five rocking settings. I mostly use the rockaRoo right after Jimmie eats. At that time, he will calmly sit in it while I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. Not only is the swing great because Jimmie has fun in it, it’s also great because it doesn’t look like a normal baby swing. The colors really brighten up my living room, which is a dull tan color, and it’s a great conversation piece; a few of our friends refer to it as the “rocket ship.”

baby rockWhen Jimmie was first born, I wasn’t sure if he would need the newborn insert, so I held off on buying one. It turned it out that I didn’t end up needing one; he was a little over 7 pounds and almost 20 inches long and fit perfectly. Jimmie was also born with the fantastic ability to support his head after about a week, which could have been why he didn’t need the insert. If your baby isn’t as good with supporting their head right away, which most babies aren’t, I would recommend getting the insert, especially if they’re smaller than 7 pounds.


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