Baby Product Review: Nosefrida, The Snotsucker

A few months ago, when I was about to start my baby registry, I asked my mommy friends on Facebook what they thought was the best baby product out there. Much to my surprise, many of them said Nosfrida, The Snotsuker.

noseI had no idea what this product was, but added it to my registry because I trust my mom friends. Boy, I’m glad I took their advice. The Snotsucker is awesome. Weird, but awesome.

Here’s how it works:

You stick the pointy end near the nostril (not in, but on the nostril, so that the nostril hole is covered.) Then you stick the red end in your mouth, and suck. Now, don’t freak out, you don’t get any of your little guy’s (or gal’s) snot in your mouth because there is a blue, changeable filter that blocks snot from coming out the tube and into your mouth. It works best if you move the open end in a circular motion in the nostril while sucking.

Watch this video for visual instructions: (This is not my video. I watched this video prior to using the Nosefrida.)

Jimmie has been fussy over the past few days. It could be congestion, and it could be gas, either way, the Snotsucker has been great with getting any loose mucus out of his nose. Sometimes he hates it, and sometimes he tolerates it, but in the end, I know using it is worth it since he can’t blow his nose yet.

Each box Nosefrida includes four filters (should be changed after every use) and then each additional box of filters comes with 20 filters.


I was not compensated for this post, this is purely my free opinion.


3 thoughts on “Baby Product Review: Nosefrida, The Snotsucker

  1. Mary forlano says:

    I freeked out when Nicole wanted one and she said it was helpful. That’s why I grabbed that from your registry for Jimmie. Glad it is working for you and him.

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