Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag Essentials

Packing for the hospital when you’re about to have a baby is like packing for vacation: You have to start early, pack and repack, and make sure you have everything you need just in case there is no Target around! I read plenty of blog entries about what I should pack (yes, we established before that I have (HAD) a ton of free time on my hands.)


My hospital bag:

Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, contacts case/solution.

Makeup bag: I did apply a bit right after they put me on pitocin (judge me, I dare you.)


Chap stick: LOVE Eos

Hand Sanitizer: LOVE Scentsy sprays because they aren’t alcohol based.

Granny panties: New and in dark colors!

Sweatpants (2)

T-shirts (2)

Going home dress: I ended up being: too lazy/tired/sore to change into it.

Socks: Bring more than one pair!

Long sleeved shirt

Hospital gowns (2): One for before delivery and one for after

Pads: With wings because the hospital ones do not have wings!

Night light: I did not need this because they had one in the room.

Old Navy flip-flops

Snacks: Yogurt bars, pop tarts, Special K bars.

Camelbak water bottle


Cellphone charger

Mints: To munch on while in labor

Jimmie’s diaper bag:

Wipes: Thank goodness because I had to add water to their wipes…really?)

One outfit for his only full day in the hospital (he peed on it)

Two hats: Hospital hats fall off

Going home outfit (s)

Pacifier (just in case)

Nipple Cream: Motherlove

Nursing pads: Lansinoh

Nursing bras (3): I am now a Target nursing bra super fan!

Aden + Anais swaddle blanket and bib

Hospital provided:

Diapers (Pampers)

Sleep shirts (with side snaps)



Wipes (dry)

Big pads (without wings)

Weird underwear: These were actually useful!

Hospital gowns

Socks: Just in case you only brought one pair!

Random stuff I also brought:

Boppy: Great to SIT on after delivery!

Small Pillow Pal: I have to hug something while I sleep. Also worked to prop up my head.

Pillow: For Jim to sleep on.

Boppy wedge: Used it while in labor so I could still feel my numb foot, and after delivery for my back.

Carseat: We left this in the car until the last day


3 thoughts on “Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag Essentials

    • Rosie says:

      yup! I hated thinking about using ratty old ones that the hospital provides and everyone wears! Plus, I was being vain and thinking about our first family photo. I wanted to look “cute,” well as cute as possible after being in labor for however many hours! My mom bought me the gowns, she knew I was serious!

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