One Week Down, a Lifetime to Go: Jimmie’s Birthday Story

Life has changed so much since the time I woke up last Thursday morning. The day before, we had a routine doctor’s appointment. The doctor had told me I was only measuring at 34 weeks, even though I was 38, and she wanted me to go get an ultrasound the next day.

When I woke up the next day, I panicked. Mother intuition is a real thing, as I was told just days before by a nurse, friend of mine. She said, “You already have a mother’s intuition, use it.” I woke up crying, thinking something was wrong at 6 AM. Since I was awake, I got up and cleaned the house, just in case that day was THE day.

We had our appointment at 8:30 and found out that Little Jimmie was out of room and wasn’t moving as much as he should be. The doctor said it was up to us, but he suggested we go to the hospital and that I should be induced because the baby would be happier outside of the womb. I told him with pure excitement (and some fear,) “Okay, get this baby out of my belly and into my arms.” I asked the doctor if we had time to stop home, and stop for food. He said yes so off we went. My stuff was already in the car, but Jim had to get a few things, and I wanted to have a second breakfast at Starbucks, minus the coffee.

We arrived at the hospital around 11 AM, and was admitted into a labor and delivery room. The funniest part is that we were there the night before, at 8:00, to tour the L& D unit as a group tour for pregnant moms and their spouses. I soon changed into my fancy hospital gown, that my awesome mom bought me. She actually bought me two. I used one for delivery, and one for after delivery, which I wore until I was able to shower.

After checking in and getting changed, my vitals were taken and I was given an IV hookup. Soon, the doctor came in and checked everything out and said that since I was already dilated 2 cm, I could receive Pitocin to induce labor. This was at 1:15 PM.

After I was started on Pitocin through my IV, I ordered lunch real quick because I didn’t know how long it was going to take to go into active labor. I was told it could take DAYS. Days, without food? WHAT!? But I was told I could have clear liquids, popsicles, and jello; the popsicle news made me happy. So I had a grilled cheese as my last meal, for who knew how long, and it was fabulous. By 3 in the afternoon I was 3 cm, and my water had broken, all over my cute socks.

By this point I was having contractions and they were not pleasant, to say the least. I thought okay, I’ll suck this up until 7 cm, and then get the epidural. My doctor asked me if I wanted one and I said yes, 100 %, but I wanted to wait a while. He told me to just get it because it’s a waste of energy to suck it up when I knew for sure I wanted it. After a half hour more, I said okay give it to me doc!

By 5, the epidural had kicked in and I couldn’t feel my right leg, but could still feel my left. It was very weird and I kept having Jim move my foot back on top of my boppy wedge. (The wedge helped because I kept thinking my leg was falling off the bed.)

By 7, I was 5 cm dilated, and feeling the pressure from contractions more than ever. But somehow time went by fast and by 9:45, the doctor told me it was game time. I was like, “Wait, what? I can push now? I’m 10 cm, already?!” By 10:18 PM, our little boy was welcomed into his world. It was his birthday and although it didn’t start off as a party, once he was safe and in my arms, I was all smiles and happy tears.

going home2

Saturday, May 10, 2014

As for the full-on delivery details, I don’t feel the need to go into great details that could make someone else’s delivery less or more than what it should be. All that matters is that Jimmie is healthy and happy. God was with us on Thursday, May 8, 2014, just as he is with us every other day of our lives. We are so lucky and so blessed to have our bundle of joy; he is a miracle and a dream come true.


5 thoughts on “One Week Down, a Lifetime to Go: Jimmie’s Birthday Story

  1. Mary Forlano says:

    Welcome Jimmie! Great story Rosie! Glad that Jimmie is here and everything went well with your labor and delivery! I loved your socks! Enjoy every moment of him … you’ll find out babies grow up way to fast so savor each moment and enjoy the next adventure of your lives! You’ll be great parents! Love to you all! Aunt Mary Forlano

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