Baby M’s Nursery: The Art That Inspired it All

While I was living in Korea, I was lucky enough to find an app that worked just liked txting, it was called KakaoTalk. Not only was I able to communicate with my friends in Korea through this app, but I was also able to stay in touch with my family and friends back in the States. I talked to my parents almost every day through this app.

One particular summer day, my dad sent me two paintings that he was working on: one had red balloons/circles and one had green balloons/circles. I told him immediately that I wanted them, and how they reminded me of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. I told him whether we had a girl or a boy, I wanted the nursery theme to be Dr. Seuss. He then proceeded to tell me that he didn’t even like his paintings and how he didn’t plan on finishing them. I responded back with, “You better finish them, because I want them.”

After countless txts, do-overs, convincing, coaxing, and bribing, I have my Dr. Seuss paintings, and they are better than I could ever expected. Almost a year later, (this conversation was before Little Jimmie was conceived last summer) not only do I have the red and green “Lorax balloons/trees,” I also have three other colorful paintings that go along with the original two, as well as, five wooden whimsical paintings, and one painting that my dad will actually admit to being a Lorax themed painting (there are also two more of these, but we don’t have anymore wall space!) Needless to say, I think my dad found inspiration through my theme choice. The idea went full circle, he inspired me to pick Dr. Seuss and I inspired him to go above and beyond what I dreamed up for the room (I only hoped I would get the original two!)

art 2

wooden whimsical paintings

art 3

Clockwise: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Middle: Harvest

art 4

Original inspiration paintings: top left and bottom right

art 5

art 6

art 8

art 7

art 9

The only painting in the room that my Dad will admit to being Lorax themed.

Thanks Dad for putting up with me all of these years! Check out some more of my Dad’s artwork on his Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “Baby M’s Nursery: The Art That Inspired it All

  1. Liz says:

    Your father is so incredibly talented, I am super jealous!!! What an absolutely perfect nursery…now little Jimmie just needs to grace us with his presence!! 🙂 Can’t wait!!

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