Little Jimmie’s Ultra Sound Photos

Today was Jimmie’s final ultra sound. The next time we see him, he will be outside of my belly! Kind of hard to believe that in less than 6 weeks (give or take a week or two) he will be here with us. Here are Jimmie’s ultra sound photos as he grew from a little “frog” to a baby boy with a very big head. To quote the doctor, his words of advice to me today were, “Push hard.” Thanks Doc, I’ll do my best!

jimmie 9 weeks

Our little “frog” at 9 weeks

Jimmie 20 Weeks

20 weeks


Jimmie It's a boy

Jimmie 32 weeks

32 weeks

Jimmie 34 weeks

34 weeks

Jimmie 3D 34 weeks

Today we were very lucky and had an amazing ultra sound technician. We were given a chance to see Jimmie in 3D! I was not expecting any 3D pictures, but I am so grateful we have some. Jimmie was a little shy but the photos turned out cute. Look at his big lips and nose!

Other than confirming that baby’s head is huge, today, we found out Jimmie is weighing in at about 5 pounds 7 oz. At our last ultra sound, 2 weeks ago, he weighed about 4 pounds 8 oz; Jimmie enjoyed a lot of cake this weekend at his shower.


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