Top Ten Pinterest Easter Finds

It’s always so much fun to come up with these lists for the holidays. Not only do I find stuff that I love and end up using for my own holiday crafts/cooking, but I also discover some really cool blogs. Easter is right around the corner, so let’s get to the good stuff!

bunny10. I have talked about the Happy Home Fairy on here before. Once again, she has cute holiday ideas! I love these little Easter Bunny foot prints for the sidewalk! I bet my nephew would love them. There are also a ton of other Easter Bunny ideas connected to this link,

bunny29. I may just have to do this for dessert this year. I am loving strawberries all day, every day and this chocolate bunny adds so much uniqueness to the chocolate covered strawberries dessert idea. It would make a great centerpiece too! Thanks to In the Studio, for the idea.


8. I found a yummy sugar-free strawberry lemonade mix at Target this week. I think this peeps straw idea would be so cute in a glass with some lemonade for Easter. We are also hosting a Palm Sunday (Saturday) BBQ. Lemonade and burgers, yes, please! Thanks The Autocrat!

bunny 47. I just bought cute napkins for Easter on sale at Target. I think I’ll have to use these cute homemade napkin rings to spice them up!


6. There are a bunch of centerpiece ideas for Easter on here. But I particularly love this one. Thanks, Top Dreamer!


5. Here is a recipe for the “best ham ever” and coined as “Grandma’s Holiday Ham.” I may have to give it a shot to see if all the hype is true! Thanks for the recipe, Eatin’ on the Cheap Blog!

leftover4. And here are 30 ideas for what to do with the leftovers. We will probably eat ham for weeks, after Easter, especially since I”ll be due soon and will not want to cook! Thanks, Tipnut!

salad3. We have so many cans of beans, it’s insane. This Four Bean Easter Salad will make the perfect salad for Easter; lots of beans, good for me and good for the baby. Thanks, She Knows Food and Recipes!

fruit2. I wanted to make a fruit salad for our Palm Saturday BBQ. I think I found our winner for the best Easter fruit salad EVER; I love poppysead dressing! I am making this one, for sure. Thanks Homemade by Holman.


1. Next year will be Little Jimmie’s first Easter! (Just saying that makes the time seem like it wil fly by; he will be almost 1!) Here are 101 ideas for a baby’s first Easter basket!



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