What I Didn’t Know Until I was Pregnant

sleepingThere are tons of things to know about being pregnant: from what to eat/what you can’t eat, what to buy/what you really don’t need to buy, and things you should do/shouldn’t do while pregnant. There is no way to know it all. After reading books, blogs, talking to other moms, and talking to my doctor, here is what I learned.

You can’t have certain cheeses: I always knew about the no lunch meat thing and no sushi, but now I can’t eat blue cheese? This sucks! I miss my cheese, but soon I can eat it all again! I still dig into cheddar, mozzarella, American cheese, etc. I just avoid blue cheese, brie, and other “soft cheeses.” Not gonna lie though, I have had some Mexican soft cheese, I survived, and so did the baby. Check out other things you can’t eat here.

You can’t lay on your back for long periods of time (especially when you sleep!): I was NEVER a back sleeper. But now I keep waking up on my back. What gives? The baby could squish your organs, though, once you are in your third trimester. So if you wake up on your back, don’t panic, just roll over.

You don’t start to look pregnant (at least your first time around) until at least 12-15 weeks: I really thought I would look pregnant immediately, now I know that thought is ridiculous. I didn’t even show all the time until 22ish weeks. Now, at 33 weeks, there really is no hiding it.

Pacifiers are made in different sizes:  This blew my mind away. I thought it was one size fits all, but there are at least three different sizes: newborn, size 2, and size 3. Make sure you’re not giving your child the wrong size at the wrong time. (I also didn’t know about different bottle nipples [slow, medium, and fast.]) Make sure you’re registering for a varity of bottle nipples and pacifiers.

They make disposable bibs: This is my most recent find, not that I’m buying them. But seriously, who knew? If you are a mom on the go that REALLY doesn’t have time to wash bibs, you can buy these. I saw them at Target.

Your doctors appointments are short: I thought my doctors would tell me all of this stuff about being pregnant. Unless you ask, they won’t tell you. I love my doctors, but unless I have questions, my appointments consist of them measuring my uterus growth, checking my BP/weight, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Most appointments last less than 10 minutes.  Make a list of questions, ask them, and don’t feel bad about it!

You don’t have an ultrasound at every appointment: I don’t know why I thought I would get to see the baby ALL the time, but you don’t. I even had to go to another place to get my ultrasounds, not my normal doctor’s office. You get 2-3 (more if there are any complications.)

People don’t touch your belly as much as you would think: Minus family and friends, I have only had ONE person touch my belly. Granted, we were talking to them while waiting for a table at a restaurant, so it wasn’t completely random; it was odd, but not the end of the world. No random person has come up to me, out of no where, and touched my belly. I hope it stays that way because I have space issues, and I would probably throw a fit.

You really don’t need pregnancy coats: I’m glad I didn’t buy a pregnancy winter coat. Most likely, you can use your old coats for you pregnancy. I barely fit into my spring coat now, but I will just stop buttoning it, or wear a zip up hoodie, unzipped. Save your money for baby stuff!

Pregnancy nesting is REAL: I thought it was crazy. I thought, “Hey, that’ll never happen to me.” But then I bought clothes for the baby online the other day because I thought Little Jimmie was going to be naked if I didn’t. My mom told me I should have waited till AFTER my shower, but I panicked. I can always return stuff I bought, but that is doubtful.

Baby furniture is expensive: Save yourself the trouble and buy regular furniture, with the exception of the crib. As soon as the word baby goes in front of furniture,  the price doubles. (Dressers make great changing tables!)

Nursing clothes are more expensive that maternity clothes: I am fortunate enough to be having my baby right before summer, therefore finding clothes for nursing shouldn’t be as hard as it would be for women giving birth in the dead of winter. But I can not fathom spending $30-45 on an actual nursing shirt. First off, most of them are hideous, and second, I usually don’t even spend that much on a NORMAL shirt. My theory is just buy shirts that have buttons or low cuts that you can pull down. Target also sells nursing tank tops for reasonable prices, as well as, bras. I also wish I would have bought more maternity clothes that double as nursing clothes. That would have made more sense, but I didn’t realize this until I had cut myself off from buying maternity clothes.

I am no expert at all things baby, but these are a few things I learned along the way. I’m sure there is more! Feel free to comment and add your own. Moms need to stick together and help each other out!


2 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Know Until I was Pregnant

  1. Stephanie says:

    These are great. I agree with all of these thing! I was so bummed about the cheeses! And I didn’t know about the lunch meat until a couple months in whoops!

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