Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge Review

I have been having back pains from pregnancy since around 27 weeks. This is really the only annoying symptom I can even really complain about, so I shouldn’t complain, but it still stinks. I have tried getting comfortable with a body pillow (refused to buy a pregnancy pillow) and other random pillows in our house. With no such luck, I almost gave up.


The other day, I was walking around the PX (department store for military) and I saw the Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge. I had been wanting to make some kind of pillow, but knew if I did, it wouldn’t be firm enough. This pillow looked perfect. I brought it home and tried it out on the couch while watching TV. It worked great for my back pain! The wedge is made with foam instead of pillow stuffing. I am able to sit up straight with it behind me and not have any pain. I am also able to lean on my side with it, wedged behind my back, and not feel any pain. It was a miracle; I had been tossing and turning while sitting on the couch for weeks.

boppy2I decided to give it a shot for sleeping (I usually just wedge a small stuffed bear under my belly). The pregnancy wedge ended up being uncomfortable to sleep with, which wasn’t a big deal. The stuffed bear works fine, but I thought the wedge may work better. I plan on taking the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow Wedge in the car with me on longer car rides because that’s when I most uncomfortable sitting. Hopefully it helps me in the car too.

I hope this helps relieve your back pain. I am also planning on getting a pregnancy massage soon. My pillow was only $18 at the PX, but I saw it on Amazon for $19.99. I plan on continuing to use this after I give birth while I breastfeed to continue to support my back.


These are all of my opinions and I was not compensated for this review.


6 thoughts on “Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge Review

  1. knockedupandfit says:

    I’ve heard about these being really useful for breastfeeding, so you’re onto something there! I might have to give the wedge a try – I bought the big snake looking Boppy pillow and it was so lumpy and poorly made.. These seem more sturdy and dense. Thanks for the review!

    • Rosie says:

      pregnancy pillows are HUGE. Some people swear by them, but I like to sleep under covers and no pregnancy pillow will work with that. Glad I could help!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m just starting to get in the uncomfortable stage. I have been looking at the huge pregnancy body pillows but haven’t wanted to shell out the money for it. I will have to look into this!

    • Rosie says:

      I also now have a mini pillow pal that fits nicely under my bump when I sleep. Those pillows are HUGE and way too overpriced! I wish I didn’t even spend 15 on a regular body pillow because I hated it.

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