Food Review: Lean Cuisine Wrap Additions, Buffalo Style Chicken


leanSince I am trying really hard not to eat Chic-fil-A every day during this pregnancy, I’ve had to get  creative when it comes to keeping lunch exciting. I have been eating a lot of Greek yogurt and homemade breakfast sandwiches with Morningstar chicken patties, but after awhile all great meals become boring. Today, while browsing Target, I came across a new Lean Cuisine item: Lean Cuisine Wrap Additions Buffalo Style Chicken. I try not to eat a lot of these type meals because they are always full of sodium, but this one only has 370 mg, which I thought was semi-acceptable.

Included in your Wrap Additions box: spicy buffalo-style spread (orange sauce,) buffalo-style seasoned white meat chicken, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and onions. Let me start off my stating that I have a low spicy tolerance, and this was not spicy, at all. The only things NOT included in the package are the actual wraps, you need to provide your own. Luckily, we had tacos last night, which made getting these ideal because I had left over shells; there is enough food in the box to fill two small tacos shells.

Like most microwaveable meals, the instructions are simple: Remove contents from box, heat up package of meat and veggies in microwave for four minutes, and allow sauce to thaw (I stuck it in a mug of warm water to speed the process along.) Do not forget to drain the water from the meat/veggie pouch after you open it (of course, I forgot.) If you do not drain the extra water, you will have soggy tacos.

lean2Even though my wraps were soggy, because I was too hungry to remember to drain the water, they were AMAZING. At first I thought there were too many carrots, but once I took my first bite, I began to think otherwise. One complaint is that there could be a few more pieces of meat, but I’m sure each package varies. The sauce was very good (not spicy) and the veggies were delicious. The Lean Cuisine cost about $3.50 (plus the cost of the tortillas.) One package is only 160 calories (plus the calories from your tortilla.) The meal also provides your body with at least 16g of protein (more depending on what type of tortillas you use.) There are also two more flavors available: chicken teriyaki and creamy balsamic chicken. I am definitely going to try them too!


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