Time to Reveal Baby M’s Name!

hello my name is

I promised a name reveal a few weeks ago and unfortunately, time got away from me and I wasn’t able to get everything together to let everyone in on the secret. Now that things have calmed down, the time has finally come to let you all know what we will officially be naming Baby M!


Here are a few ways we have incorporated Little Jimmie’s name into the nursery. In case you were wondering, Little Jimmie is a junior named after his daddy, James Curtis aka Big Jim (call him that and he will really get a kick out of it!)

100_6286The ‘James’ name sign was Jim’s when he was younger, the sign on the left was mine when I was younger. The block bank, silver spoon, and cup, were Jim’s when he was a baby.

JCMLittle Jimmie’s initials were painted by yours truly. You can find tons of hand painted letters on Etsy that cost anywhere from $15-$45 each. These guys cost me $2.50 each plus five bottles of paint for $1. I am not one to call myself artistic, I did not inherit this gene from my dad, but I still managed to bang out these cute letters, minus my ‘C’ in ‘ABC’ looking kind of like a G. It’s handmade, there are bound to be flaws.

We can not wait to meet Little Jimmie! The final nursery post will be sometime in April when everything is where it belongs; these next nine weeks are going to fly by.


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