TGIF Break Time Reading for Moms

TGIFI have been spending even more time online lately (shocking, I know) and I have stumbled across a few articles that are worth sharing for moms-to-be. They mostly pertain to new moms, but second time moms, or even women who are not pregnant right now but have kids (or are thinking of having kids) may enjoy reading them. Why don’t you take a break,grab some coffee or tea, and have some me time.

First, I’d like to say that I just discovered the Disney Baby Blog this week. BABY BLOG + DISNEY BLOG = a dream come true! If Disney wants to pay me (and my husband) to take my three month old on a family vacation in August to Disney and blog about tips and tricks, I would consider it, just sayin’. Here are a few articles I found interesting/helpful over the past few days:

Five Ways I Take Time For Myself as A New Mom

Things to Remember the First Week Home with Baby

What I’m packing in My Hospital Bag

Here are a few other interesting articles I found while browsing my favorite baby blogs:

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

10 Ways to Make Vacationing With Kids Easier

Mommy Loves Coffee Pregnancy Must-Haves

And if you need some extra motivation to workout this weekend, here is Winnie the Pooh’s exercise song. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Get outside and run around in the WARMish weather ❤


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