Dr. Seuss Nursery for Baby M: Part 2

big m

Dr. Seuss ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book

We really had it easy (and were lucky) when it came to furnishing the nursery. Jim’s sister gave us their crib (pictures to come another day) and we decided to use Jim’s old Ikea dresser as a changing table. I really didn’t want to buy a changing table, it really didn’t make any sense because it seems like a one use item. First off, we live in a two level house. Besides at night and in the morning, I’m not hauling the baby up and down the steps to change him. Second, you can find actual dressers cheaper than changing tables. Third, we already had this dresser and Jim barely ever used it, it it the PERFECT size or a changing table. We are going to add Velcro to the bottom of the pad so that it doesn’t move around. This one is four-sided, which makes me feel extra safe with Baby M on it. (Remember to never leave your baby alone on the changing table.) I also love using the dresser because it doubles as storage for clothes.

changing coverThe few Dr. Seuss nursery items that are not handmade are from the Dr. Seuss ABC nursery theme, which is based on the book Dr. Seuss ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book. We also have the mobile, for the crib.


Bins – Ikea

I love these little bins that we found at Ikea. They are perfect for storing diapers (we are using reusable), diaper cream, and wipes. They may eventually end up on a shelf towards the side of the dresser, but as for now they are in the top drawer for easy access.


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