26 Weeks Pregnant


How far along: 26 weeks
Gender: Little boys leave smudges on your heart. – Art Moms
Weight gain: 19 pounds :-/
Maternity clothes: Still mixing and starting to buy nursing bras/tops. Check these out on Zulily. The tank tops are worth the price, for sure.
Stretch marks: I found a few on my sides, but I’m not too worried. I like to tell myself I won’t be one of those moms at the pool in a bikini with their kids pulling their tops down as they struggle to get them to leave. So If I have a few marks, oh well. I’m going to step up my cocoa butter game though!
Belly button in or out: Just checked, still hanging in there.
Sleep: Same as last week. Sleeping until 5ish then tossing around until 8ish. Toby is so cute and cuddles with me after Jim feeds him.
Best moment this week: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat at my appointment yesterday, and scheduling all of my next appointments up until 36 weeks! crazy!
Worst moment this week: Oh gosh, there were a ton. It was a bad week for family news.
Miss anything: The number on the scale going down, not up.
Movement: Moving around all the time.
Cravings: Chocolate Chip Cookies; had a dream about them last night.
Queasy or sick: Tired, but that’s about it. Maybe a little heartburn. I love Tums though, so this symptom is a-okay in my book.
Looking forward to: Possibly going back to D.C. on Presidents Day weekend and getting my 28 week appointment over with that includes my glucose test and my RH – shot.  SPRING!!!


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