Book Review: Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy

bellyA friend of mine recommended Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Belly Laughs is a nonfiction novel written by a former, famous Playboy Bunny. It’s not a serious book, and it shouldn’t be the only pregnancy book you read during your pregnancy. It’s a good book to read before bed when you need a good laugh and don’t feel like worrying anymore about braxton hick contractions and what to pack in your hospital bag.

In Belly Laughs, Jenny McCarthy takes us on her pregnancy journey. She tells us about how she found out she was pregnant, the ups and downs of pregnancy, and her lovely story about giving birth. (Okay, this scared me a little, but I took it with a grain of salt.) To be honest, I’m more worried about having a catheter in me, rather than giving birth, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Jenny tells us about her crazy hormonal moments, her pregnancy symptoms that many women pray they don’t have, and the symptoms that we all hope to have (big boobs, duh!) I loved her take on people touching her belly (thank goodness random people haven’t touched mine yet) and how she was addicted to baby shopping (I love buying maternity stuff, but try to hold back on the baby clothes.) This is a real take on pregnancy, nothing is sugar-coated. Jenny explains that even beautiful Playboy Bunnies have ugly days, acne, and have to wear moo moos because they gained too much during pregnancy.

I read many reviews about how Belly Laughs is too vulgar, but it really isn’t. Sure, Jenny says vagina a few times, and some other words that you may not want to read aloud to your children, or your unborn child in your belly, but I wasn’t offended in the least by her language. There were several times where I laughed out loud and had to explain to my husband why I was laughing; I’m sure he would get a kick out of this book too, but it goes into detail about things maybe guys don’t want to know about.

I would definitely recommend this book to pregnant mamas who are tired of the same old baby books. This isn’t a medical book and it won’t tell you what to do if you’re going into preterm labor, but it is a book you can read while you’re in labor to laugh through the contractions.


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