I L-O-V-E Full House

full house

I grew up watching Full House; heck, I’m still growing up, and I’m still watching it. Thanks to my brother, I have the full series on DVD, and I plan on forcing my children into watching it on cold, snowy days, where they can’t leave the house. Somehow though, I think it will still be in syndication on TV, and we will be able to watch it on ABC Family and Nick. Either way, we will be a Full House family, for life.

The Full House guys are working it hard on TV, this week, to promote their upcoming yogurt commercial that premieres during the Super Bowl. (Go Broncos!) Check out their appearance on Jimmy Fallon, below.

Uncle Jessie (John Stamos) is still looking hotter than ever, but Danny and Joey are looking kinda old. With that being said, the guys still have my heart and I love hearing their catchy one-liners that I grew up on. As for “The Teddy Bear Song,” oh, the sweet, sweet, memories.

And if that weren’t enough Full House fun, check out the guys singing Michelle the Teddy Bear Song back in their glory days:


2 thoughts on “I L-O-V-E Full House

  1. Stephanie says:

    I use to think Full House was the coolest thing because it was the first “famous” person I saw that shared my name. And obviously I fell in love with the rest of the show! So good!

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