24 Weeks Pregnant

100_6168How far along: 24 weeks
Gender: “Popsicle kisses and big bear hugs, little red wagons and jars full of bugs, grass stains, football games, lots of toys, oh the joys [of little boys]”
Weight gain: 15ish pounds. Feeling bigger than ever (which is because I am bigger than ever…) Jillian Michaels will be my BFF again when I’m cleared to workout.
Maternity clothes: Still mixing, but I’m finding less and less of my old stuff that still fits.
Stretch marks: nada…I don’t think?
Belly button in or out: Jim thinks it will pop, but it hasn’t.
Sleep: Sleeping is not going well again.
Best moment this week: Getting my Sun Baby diapers in the mail. I love, love, love them! Can’t wait to use them on Baby M! Now I have to figure out how to pre-wash them before using them.
Worst moment this week: SNOW! I hate snow. It’s so unbearably cold. I’m about to hibernate; if only I could sleep better.
Miss anything: Shopping in the normal size clothing section. I walk in and look at the pretty things that I can’t wear right now.
Movement: Moving around at certain times of the day. I even saw my belly move earlier this week. Crazy!
Cravings: Ice cream. But it’s too cold. Last night I thought about skittles, I think I need some skittles.
Queasy or sick: I thought I was down to one tissue a day, and then last night happened. I feel like I have my cold all over again. Not cool.
Looking forward to: Temperatures above 40 degrees! Heck, I’d take above freezing. WHY is it snowing AGAIN!?


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Mr. Ed Edwards says:

    “Belly button in or out: Jim thinks it will pop, but it hasn’t.” this is Mrs. Ed and all I have to say is that “Rosie is not a turkey and her button doesn’t pop out when the baby is done!” xox

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