Baby Blogs I L-O-V-E

baby blogsBefore I found out I was pregnant with Baby M, I discovered my favorite baby blog Little Baby Garvin. This blogger is currently pregnant with her second baby girl. Her first girl, Harper, is OH SO cute and wears the cutest clothes! Jessica has great style and loves to craft! I enjoy her weekly chalkboard updates and her daily posts about babies, her family, and her life in general. If you only want to check out one baby blog before, during, and after you’re pregnant, this is the one to follow!

Since discovering my first favorite baby blog, my list of baby blogs has expanded. This month 4moms, a growing baby product company, is featuring a ton of baby blogs in honor of their daily, month-long giveaway of my newest baby product obsession the rockaRoo, which is a followup to their fantastic product the mamaRoo. I have yet to play with the rockaRoo, since A) I haven’t won one yet, and B) Baby M isn’t born yet, but I’m not going to lie, I’m doing everything I can to win one. I did have the opportunity to try out the mamaRoo at Babies R’ Us and was impressed. This product has five different motion settings that simulate natural rocking of a momma and her baby. Not only are there different motions, there are different speeds too. Want music? There is an Ipod dock!

The NEW rockaRoo has only one motion setting, with multiple speeds; it is lighter and smaller than the mamaRoo; and has an Ipod dock for your baby to bust a move. The rockaRoo also simulates the way you would rock your baby, as opposed to the traditional swing. (Oh, and it’s cheaper too!) Both products are awesome, and seems to help many parents keep their babies entertained, especially if all they want to do is be held. (Who am I kidding? All I’m going to want to do is hold Baby M, but someone has to clean the house and do laundry/dishes.) I love 4moms for not only their cool products but also introducing me to some fun new blogs on their blog tour! (These are my opinions. I was not asked by 4moms to advertise their products. I just love their products that much, and I don’t even own any yet!)

Mommy Loves Coffee had me at hello. Hello! I love coffee ❤ This momma blogs about baby products, baby style, DIY projects, and other coo worthy subjects. She even blogs about being a healthy momma! I am so happy to add her blog to my daily blog visits list.

The Wise Baby is another blog I just discovered. This mom writes a lot of product reviews (I love reading reviews) and registry lists. (I think everyone could use a little extra registry help!) Check out this blog before you make a trip to your chosen store to register, you won’t regret it.

If you want a good laugh, check out Pregnant Chicken. This witty lady tells it like it is. You can sign up for a weekly baby bump email update that will have you rolling on the floor and thinking, “Why isn’t everyone this honest, and candid, about being pregnant?” She also blogs about a wide variety of baby related topics that are interesting and informative. On the Pregnant Chicken Facebook page, you can find out when Zulily (an awesome daily deals site for moms, babies, kids, and home decor!) has a sale on maternity/nursing apparel, so you will never miss a great deal!

Baby Rabies is another laugh out loud kind of momma blog. This blogger shares a lot of personal stories about being a mom. She has a whole section on being pregnant, cloth diapers (<333), and other categories that will help any soon-to-be mom or long-time mom. Very useful blog with tons of information!

Feel free to comment with your favorite baby blogs!


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