23 Weeks Pregnant

23How far along: 23 weeks
Gender: “and she loved a little boy very, very much -even more than she loved herself.” – The Giving Tree
Weight gain: 14 pounds. I may have had a little too much pasta this week visiting NJ (and my chicken cheese steak!) I’ll weigh myself when we get back to MD.
Maternity clothes: A mix of maternity and old clothes. Some of my old stuff fits BETTER when I’m pregnant. I tend to buy stuff that is too big, plus I lost a ton of weight before I got pregnant so some stuff does fit again. But the stuff that I bought after I lost weight does NOT fit. I was pretty sad when I put on my favorite Army shirt (that I bought while Jim was at Basic Training) and it looked ridiculous.
Stretch marks: I don’t think so.
Belly button in or out: I would bet money on the fact that my belly button is not going to pop.
Sleep: I actually slept WAY better this week than I did last week
Best moment this week:  Visiting my family! My nephew melts my heart every time I see him!
Worst moment this week: Being overwhelmed at babies r us. I think I registered in record time because I did my research before hand. Plus, I had the help from my favorite baby blog (where this survey comes from), Little Baby Garvin Baby Registry Must Haves.
Miss anything: Not getting uncomfortable sitting in the same position, I am constantly moving around. Driving lost distances isn’t as fun as it used to be.
Movement: The baby is moving a lot! Jim felt him even more this week and so did my mom and sister-in-law.
Cravings: I think my first real craving is officially donuts. I had one from the Amish Market, and it was glorious. I have been also digging Girl Scout Cookies.
Queasy or sick: Cold is still hanging out, but mostly only in the early morning hours.
Looking forward to: Decorating the baby’s room! Still trying to unpack from our move, but soon it’ll be nursery decorating time!!

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