Food Review: January’s Burger of the Month – Koreatown Burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace

bobby2I love me a burger. I also love me some Korean food. Put those together and what do you get? The January burger of the month at Bobby’s Burger Palace, the Koreatown Burger.

This was my firs time at BBP. There is one location near us in the Maryland Live Casino at Arundel Mills, and I have been dying to try it out. When I found out, from the Rachael Ray Show, that the Koreatown Burger was going to be featured this month, I figured it was now or never to give the place a go or a no.

bobbyThe Koreatown Burger was a good burger, but not a good Korean burger. I am not a huge spicy food fan, but Korean food is generally spicy, which is what makes their food unique. This is the one time I enjoy spicy food while eating Korean cuisine. This burger lacked the spiciness, especially from the kimchi. (I’m a little confused on why it’s spelled “kimchee” on the sign.) The Korean “ketchup” is actually red pepper paste, and it was very good; it had a little spice to it, which added a good Korean flavor. The meat itself made a good basic burger taste, but didn’t taste anything more than a regular beef-based burger; I couldn’t taste the sesame oil, soy sauce, or garlic (traditional Korean flavors) in the meat.

The part I liked the least on the burger was the egg. This egg was fried. On the show, the woman who created and cooked this burger, made her egg over hard, which is the way it is done in Korea. Bobby Flay didn’t like that flavor of the burger and said he would like a runny egg, Rachael Ray agreed. I disagree. The burger was already messy enough, and the runny egg made it even more messy, plus it made the bun soggy. The bun also left a little to be desired, but that wasn’t as big of a deal as the kimchi.

I’m not really sure why the kimchi was shredded instead of whole pieces of cabbage, and I’m almost positive this stuff wasn’t fermented for more than a few hours. The flavor wasn’t soaked into the cabbage and by having the cabbage shredded, you didn’t get as much kimchi taste in every bite. It wasn’t spicy enough, by any means, and for me to say that, means it wasn’t spicy at all. (I ordered extra on the side, that’s how much I love Kimchi. And although I ate it all, I wasn’t impressed, and I don’t think many Koreans/those who eat Korean food regularly would be either.)

As I stated before, this burger was really good, just not what I expected. I would order it again and ask for an over hard egg, to see if that made a difference. I think if the original recipe was followed a little more closely, an authentic burger could have been made. I really hope people branch out and try this burger, for an everyday burger connoisseur who likes new foods, you’ll love this burger. For someone who is used to the best Korean food there is, don’t expect it to be right off the boat from Korea, but take it for what it is.

As for the side of sweet potato fries, they rocked.


2 thoughts on “Food Review: January’s Burger of the Month – Koreatown Burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace

  1. Mary F says:

    BBP is fabulous! I’ve been to the one in Princeton quite a few times with my co-workers and try to sample a new burger everytime I go — but hands down their milkshakes are the best!!!! The Sweet potato fries are awesome too!

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