Best of 2013

2013 1

Valentine’s Day in South Korea

2013 was busy! We spent more than half of the year living in another country, South Korea, and most of the time back in the States preparing to move and moving to Maryland.

2013 52013 started off with me and Jim watching the ball drop in New York City at 2:00 PM our time in South Korea. The year continued to bring lots of cold weather that didn’t really ease up until May. At the end of May I came back to the NJ/PA area to visit family and friends; it was even warm enough to go to the beach.

2013 2When I returned to Korea, Jim’s mom and brother came to visit us for 10 days. We spent a few days visiting our town in Pyeongtaek and a few days at the Dragon Hill Lodge in Yongsan, which is in Seoul. We saved a lot of our touristy stops for their visit including: the Seoul Tower and the DMZ. We also visited a few of our old favorites: the Seoul Zoo and the Rose Garden.

2013 3The summer was hot and wet. Monsoon season started shorty after Marge and Joel left. I didn’t get as much pool time in this summer, but that left me more time to pack for America; I am a packing fiend and started in the middle of August. (We had boxes in our living room from August to Novemeber.) I am glad I got an early start because a few weeks into September, we found out I was expecting our first baby!


Back in June, I realized I wanted to start having kids sooner rather than later, we had originally planned on waiting until September 2014 to get started. But, while reading a book, I decided there is no time like the present. Fast forward to September when we found out, we were as happy as ever; it made coming back to America even more exciting.

2013 4

Jim’s reenlistment

We found out in July, officially, that we were going to be PCSing to Maryland. This was our first pick and our dream duty station, 2 hours from my parent’s and 2 hours from Jim’s parents. We could not be any more pleased with our new home and station for the next three (ish) years. Baby M is going to love growing up so close to family and friends.

disney 4We moved back to the States on November 12. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Jim’s family and quite a few days at each of our parents’ houses. We also managed to fit a trip to Disney World before our move to Maryland. Disney was busy, but relaxing and fun. It was our first vacation alone since our honeymoon back in 2011. We’re hoping to make one more small trip in March before the baby comes. We’re thinking maybe Cooperstown, NY. Bring on baseball season!

townhouseWe officially moved into our townhouse in Maryland on December 12 and immediately went to work to turn a this house into a home. This was the first time we were able to buy furniture and even a new bed. Toby loves his new home, especially the steps.

106 The NJ Forlano Clan

Nolan’s face is priceless! He just wanted to play.


rosie and jimChristmas was great and we spent it with both sides of our families. 2014 shows promise for new beginnings and hopes for new adventures. We are excited to continue our journey as husband and wife, and soon as mom and dad. Cheers to a wonderful 2014!

Best book read in 2013: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (close second: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick)

Worst book read in 2013: She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb (if I could unread this book, I would)

Best new author in 2013: Lauren Graham

Best moment of 2013: Finding out we were having our first baby (close second: finding out we were moving to MD)

Best movie of 2013: We’re the Millers (granted we haven’t seen any of the most recent movies and didn’t know what was knew in Korea, but I thought this movie was hilarious!)

Best discovered TV show in 2013: Scandal (I really can’t get enough!! We just finished season 2)

Biggest accomplishment: Being the healthiest I have ever been. Back in May, I was in the best shape of my life! I was able to stay in shape throughout most of the summer, and now well, I’m pregnant. BUT I plan on being back to my healthy weight by the end of summer 2014.

One epic fail: I really wanted to read 50 books this year, but I only made it to 38. Between reading baby books and packing to move, then moving, reading for pleasure was put on the backburner. There’s always 2014.


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