Babymoon in Disney World



Before I got pregnant, we decided to plan a trip to Disney while Jim was on leave. When we found out we were pregnant, I figured I would just start calling it a babymoon, it was a  happy coincidence. I love Disney, and can’t wait to take our kids. This trip was our last one without kids, unless we lie and say we’re going on a business trip 😉


I was a few weeks into my second trimester when we left for Disney. It was perfect timing because I had more energy and it is the safest time to fly. I had a little bit of nausea while flying to and from Disney, but other than that the flight was a breeze. The biggest issue was trying to keep my legs uncrossed so that I wouldn’t cause a blood clot!

disney 2


We splurged on our hotel and stayed at the Animal Kingdom lodge. It is a beautiful hotel, especially at Christmas. We had a savannah room and it was everything and more than I expected. I had read reviews about the rooms being too dark, they weren’t, and I had also read reviews that it took forever to get to all of the parks from the hotel, it didn’t. I would stay there again and again, if i could. Disney gives the Military amazing discounts, not only did we save on our hotel, we also saved on our four-day park-hopper pass.


on the safari in Animal Kingdom

I wasn’t able to do any of the thrill rides (rollercoasters, etc) but I did go on the safari in Animal Kingdom, even though Disney says you shouldn’t ride it if you’re pregnant. I sat in the middle of the jeep (which I requested) and didn’t have any trouble. It was a bumpy ride, but nothing a person who is only 16 weeks pregnant can’t handle, unless you’re nauseous and then I would say skip it. Here is a list of rides you can’t ride while you’re pregnant in Disney (it’s actually shorter than I originally thought!)

I tried to eat as healthy as possible (while on vacation) but didn’t deprive myself of anything I really wanted. My favorite treat was the carrot cake cookie sandwich in Hollywood Studios. I drank extra water (even carried around a reusable water bottle for the first time in Disney) and sat down on benches to rest, when needed.

disney 3

disney 4If you love Disney, I would say take your last hurrah vacation there before you have kids! It’ll be the last time you can run away from the screaming children and eat at more adult restaurants. You can also stay at a nicer hotel and spend more time there, instead of in the parks. I wish I could say we spent tons of time at our hotel, but we were only there for five days. Although, we did spend way more time there than we would have if we stayed at a lower value resort. (I was willing to take a mid-afternoon nap this time around, for the baby’s sake)

We are thinking about doing a Disneyland trip next year for Christmas, right around the same time we went this year (which was December 1-5). The baby will be about 7 months old, which is old enough to hopefully be sleeping through the night (minus the jetlag.) We would ony do Disney for one or two days, visit with family, and check out Hollywood. It’s still in the very early planning (me wishing) stages, but it could potentially happen. Neither of us has ever been to Disneyland before. We were supposed to make a trip up there from San Diego on our Honeymoon, but it rained the day we were supposed to go, which was a huge bummer. So until next time Disney, see ya real soon!


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