17 weeks pregnant!


Happy December! Time is flying. Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping came and went. We had a fabulous time with our families on Thanksgiving and I shopped till I dropped on Black Friday. I got a TON of maternity stuff at Old Navy. The WHOLE store was 50% off. I’m loving their maternity jeans, I never want to take them off; I now have three pair, two blue and one black.

This past week we went to Disney (more updates on that to follow) and we had a fantastic “babymoon.” We came home just in time for one of my best friend’s, Lauren, wedding. It was great to see everyone and celebrate the happy marriage between Lauren and Sean!

How far along: 17 weeks
Gender: Still thinking baby Emerald is a she. Everyone on Thanksgiving said it’s a girl, except for two of my cousins who guessed boy. We have our first appointment in Maryland on Tuesday; HOPING to find out then!!
Weight gain: about 8-9 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Maternity jeans all the time and some of my shirts (which are still kind of too big, but very comfy!)
Stretch marks: No? I don’t know 😦
Belly button in or out: Innie. Is it possible for a innie to become more innie?
Sleep: No more jetlag. WOOHOO!! I am only getting up to go to the bathroom once-twice a night, which is actually better than before I was pregnant. The second trimester has cured my overactive bladder for the time being.
Best moment this week:  Our babymoon to Disney and Lauren and Sean’s wedding!
Worst moment this week: Coming home from Disney. It’s way too cold here!!!
Miss anything: drinking adult beverages at weddings and on vacation.
Movement: Yes, I think so. It’s a bit uncomfortable at the moment, but I think it’s some movement. And it’s very cool ❤
Cravings: None.
Queasy or sick: A little nauseous when flying, but that’s about it.
Looking forward to: Moving to Maryland on Monday, house hunting on Tuesday, and our doctor’s appt! Busy week!


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