Pregnancy Announcement Photos!

DSC_0122We found out I was pregnant shortly after Labor Day. We were trying to get pregnant, so when I missed my time of the month, I took five tests; all of them were negative. When I didn’t get it for almost two more weeks, we decided maybe I should take a another test, especially since I was having awful stomach aches. We went to the store and bought two boxes (2 tests each). We came home and I started cooking hot dogs on the stove for lunch. While the hot dogs were cooking, I took test #1 and it was a success. We celebrated and cried and then I thought, let me take another to make sure. So I did, and it was also a winner. But then I thought, well maybe this box is defective, so I opened the other box, third times a charm. I finally believed the tests after the third one came out positive and then we sat down and ate some hot dogs to celebrate.


DSC_0096We took some photos right away to capture the moment, and then we took some more over the next couple weeks, thinking I was a lot further along than I actually was. I originally thought I was due May 6th and in reality, I am due May 19.


Most of my inspiration came from random blogs I found on Pinterest, and a few Jim and I thought of ourselves. He will be my awesome photographer throughout my entire pregnancy.


And I leave you with this little gem of a video from Full House when Rebecca tells Jessie she is pregnant. It’s a classic.


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