12 Weeks Pregnant!

I have been very, very, very lazy at blogging and the reason being, I’m pregnant with Baby M #1! We found out early September, and finally announced it to the world yesterday. I wanted to blog about being pregnant so bad and that prevented me from having any motivation to blog about much else. So here’s to hopping I can blog more again.

My newest blog obsession is this baby blog: Little Baby Garvin. I found her on Pinterest through her famous chalkboard baby updates. I decided I wanted to do bi-weekly updates too so I’m snagging her little survey. Hope she doesn’t mind (I’m sure I’m not the first or last to copy her idea!) She is pregnant with baby #2 and a little but further along than me.


How far along: 12 weeks
Gender: I did this old wives tale ring test and it said it was going to be a girl, we won’t find out until we get to Maryland, though.
Weight gain: About 4 pounds. I wasn’t gaining any and then all of a sudden, BAM.
Maternity clothes: I bought a bunch from Asos and Old Navy and sent them to my parent’s house, but I am still wearing all my normal stuff, yay for big winter sweaters!
Stretch marks: Maybe on my hips 😦 I have always had baby bearing hips. I need to remember to use more cocoa butter.
Belly button in or out: Innie
Sleep: I wake up to go to the bathroom at 2:30 every night. I have had an overactive bladder for almost 7 years now, so this is pretty normal. It was worse when I first became pregnant, but I’m back to the way it was before. I also hate my Korea bed, so hopefully a better night’s sleep is in my near future!
Best moment this week: Our Ultrasound on Friday. The baby waved!
Worst moment this week: The movers taking all of our stuff to be sent back to the US. I can’t believe we won’t see it until January 10th! I had a lot of anxiety that day.
Miss anything: coffee. I know I can have some, but I’m an addict and you give an addict a cup of coffee, there’s no stopping from there. I did have a cup when I went out to breakfast the other day and it was heaven. I can’t wait to get back to the States where Starbucks has decaf espresso. Apparently they don’t believe in decaf here in Korea, and I also hate decaf coffee.
Movement: Nope. But we did see the baby move on our ultrasound. Our little sprout did a little hop.
Cravings: AMERICA. It’s hard to tell what I’m craving because of the pregnancy vs. what I’m craving because I miss America. I want Chic-Fil-a all day, every day, but this has been the norm for a year and a half, while living in Korea. I can say that I have been dreaming about it more often than not.
Queasy or sick: I haven’t gotten sick at all, knock on wood, but I did ALMOST get sick when I had to find the nasty smell in my fridge this morning. It was broccoli and it was awful.
Looking forward to: Going home to celebrate with family and friends. I hope I have more of a bump by then!


4 thoughts on “12 Weeks Pregnant!

  1. Leslie Burke says:

    Looking good! I will be 10 weeks on Sunday, and can’t wait to be done with the first trimester. I may have to steal your survey and post to my own blog! Seems like it would be fun to fill out…

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