T25 – Day 5 (week 1) – Lower Focus: Want Killer Calves and Thighs?


killer legs

TGIF! I am so thankful it is Friday. This has been a extra tiring week, especially since I started T25. Today was day 5 of week 1 on my Focus T25 journey. Today’s workout was Lower Focus. On Fridays, the Alpha workout schedule suggests doing TWO 25 minute workouts, but let’s just say I was only up for one today, maybe next Friday I’ll do two, but honestly, I’ll probably just stick to one, even on Fridays. I may feel different when another workout is first on Friday, but since today was Lower Focus, I wanted to fall over and focus on a nap afterwards; my legs are POOPED. There was no way I was doing 25 more minutes of cardio after that crazy leg workout, sorry Shaun T.

Today’s workout started off just like the Cardio workout, which I did on Monday: high knees into a slow stabilizer jog. After doing some jogging, you move into a jumping jack progression. After some fast jacks, you go into squats (UGHHHH!), but the squats weren’t as bad as the Total Body Circuit squats. After some squats, you move into calf lifts and then lunges. I wanted to DIE after the lunges; I had to stand up and take a break from those every once in a while. After the lunges, you move into your first of TWO burn-out sessions, doing some of the moves you just did. After the burn-out, if you’re still alive, you go into MORE lunges and some adductor exercises; I really liked the adductor part. You then move into some cardio leg moves, a deadlift sequence, and then the second burn-out session.  After some hop and squats, you’re done. BAM 25 minutes complete. I watched Tania (the modifier) on and off during this workout; I would say a little less than half the time.

Like I said before, I was not up for another workout after this one, but you could have done the Cardio workout after this one, as per the suggestion of the Alpha schedule. My legs were super tired after Lower Focus, and the 3 minute stretch was not enough  for me. Since I didn’t want to waddle tomorrow, I decided to do a little extra stretching. Tomorrow is my day off, WOOHOO! Then on Sunday there is a stretch video that is basically another day off, but with some stretching. I’ll let you know how that goes. 

I’m ready for a protein shake and some hardcore Friday cleaning. Can’t wait for this weekend to begin.

In case you are wondering, these are all of my own opinions. No one asked me to review T25. I am doing this to challenge myself and give myself accountability to complete this workout series.


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