Review: T25 – Day 4 (week 1) – Ab Intervals: An Ab workout without actual crunches

odd man

Phew! Day 4 of week one of T25 is done. I am almost done this first week of Focus T25, and I feel GREAT; tired and sore, but great. I am not even exaggerating when I say that I had a pair of shorts that I wore last Friday and were too tight, when I put them on yesterday, they fit better than before. T25 is already working; I can see and feel the results.

Today was Ab Intervals. (You need a mat for this workout!) You can obviously assume that the workout is all about the abs. But the great part about this ab workout is that you never do one regular crunch. Granted, when I couldn’t keep up, I just went into a crunch to keep moving, but Shaun T doesn’t even suggest that, I just thought to do it on my own. I tried to do as much of the workout as I could without watching Tania, but I was tired after a while, and so were my abs. When this happened, I looked to my right, on the screen where Tania stands, and followed her.

The workout starts off with a little bit of yoga: downward dog and child’s pose. You work the yoga moves into some plank holds and continue to do some plank exercises for about 5 minutes (there are some “V” sits in there as well). After that you do some cardio recovery, more ab exercises, cardio recovery again, then some more ab exercises. This goes on for about 15 minutes and then you move into a few more plank exercises, ab pyramids, and table holds. I really couldn’t do the ab pyramids, so I just did burpees instead. Tania was doing a modified pyramid, but I thought burpees would be more beneficial than her move, but not as hard as the full exercise Shaun T and the rest of the gang were doing. The stretch at the end was a little longer this time, and wasn’t an active stretch, just a full-out body stretch that was much-needed.

I didn’t love this workout, but I didn’t hate it either. It was exhausting, but I didn’t feel the same kind of exhaust that I felt after the Total Body Circuit, that one is still the hardest in my mind. I know that by doing this workout I will see results. Having abs has been one of my New Year’s resolutions for about 8 years, not even joking. Maybe this will be the year with Focus T25.

In case you are wondering, these are all of my own opinions. No one asked me to review T25. I am doing this to challenge myself and give myself accountability to complete this workout series.


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