Review: T25- Day 2 (week 1) -Total Body Circuit: Get ready to squat your heart out


Wow! I hate squats….a lot. But that doesn’t matter on your total body circuit workout day, you will literally squat till you drop, and that’s exactly what I did. (By the way, today was supposed to be Speed 1.0 and I looked at the schedule wrong. Oh well, at least I worked out! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review of Speed 1.0)

Today is day 2 of my T25 workout. This is also the second entry to my workout diary. As I explained on day 1 of my new fitness blog series, I HATE working out. Even though I am a  stay at home Army wife (no kids yet!) I feel like I never have time to workout, okay that’s a lie, I have the time, I just don’t want to do it! With Shaun T’s new 25 minute workout, I have NO excuses.

Day 1 wasn’t so bad yesterday, and I thought, “Hey, this is easier than I thought!” WRONG. Day 2 was HARD! I followed Tania for the majority of the time (she was my BFF for this workout and the modifier workout buddy throughout the entire T25 Alpha and Beta phases). Sometimes, when it came to the MANY plank exercises, I couldn’t even keep up with Tania! In those instances, I either went into a plank hold, did MORE squats, or did a standing sprint. My theory is, as long as you’re moving, you’re losing! (And when I say losing, I actually mean winning when it comes to weight lose!)

Even though the workout was harder today, it still went by really fast. The first 5 minutes are a warmup, the next 15 minutes are non-stop squats, planks, and punches, then the last 5 minutes are repeats of the first 20 minutes, only faster. Phew, I’m tired all over again just talking about it. But the good news is, I’m done working out for the day and it only took me 25 minutes, plus the 3 minutes for a cool down. Thanks Shaun T, for another great day! Day 3, week one, is tomorrow and my workout will be Speed 1.0, as I mentioned before I kind of messed up the order for week 1, but the results will still be the same!

Speaking of results, I started the T25 program weighing in at 129 pounds! I’ll give a weekly update about how much weight I have lost. I only want to lose about 4 pounds and I also hope to gain my muscle back!

In case you are wondering, these are all of my own opinions. No one asked me to review T25. I am doing this to challenge myself and give myself accountability to complete this workout series.


One thought on “Review: T25- Day 2 (week 1) -Total Body Circuit: Get ready to squat your heart out

  1. squatgirl says:

    How can you hate squats?? If you want a nice shaped butt and legs, you are on the right track with your superset squat sessions. Why don’t you google some squat girls’ picture for motivation? You may start loving squats =)

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