Tastykakes in South Korea…WHAT?!

Yesterday, we headed over to Osan AFB to do our food shopping. We get most of our shopping done over there because they have a bigger commissary, and a lot more food options. I was cranky throughout most of the trip because I was hot (our A.C. is broken in our car) and I was hungry. My mood went from one end to the spectrum to the other when I walked down the bread aisle and stumbled upon this:tasty

I lost my train of thought in mid sentence and screamed, ” OH MY GOD….” a little too loud. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I almost opened a box of Butterscotch Krimpets right in the middle of the aisle and started eating one. After recovering from my outburst, and looking around to see who was looking at me, I frantically threw a box into our cart, thinking that if I blinked they would disappear.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would EVER see Tastykakes in KOREA, of all places! Our parents have sent us some, but to see them right in front of me was a dream come true. I didn’t wait too long to dig into my treats; I had a pack in the car (I made “mmmm” noises the whole time because they are just THAT good) and then froze the rest when I got home.

For those of you who have NO idea what I’m talking about, Tastykake is a baked goods company that was created in 1914, in Philadelphia, PA, the company is more formally known as, The Tasty Baking Company. For the majority of my life, the only people who even KNEW what Tastykakes were lived/grew up in the PA/NJ area. In 2011, the company merged with Flowers Foods Inc. This merger gave The Tasty Baking Company the opportunity to sell their products up and down the East Coast, as well as in many areas of the Southeast. We saw them in a Publix in Pensacola, FL in October 2011, (yes I freaked out over there too!)

Tastykake makes donuts, cookies, cakes, and pies. My all-time favorite is the pumpkin pie, which comes out each and every fall. Crossing my fingers that we get some pumpkin pie over here; two days ago I wouldn’t even have thought such a thing was possible!

Check out the Tastykake website to learn about these amazing baked goods. If you’re in Korea, check your local commissary for these treats. If they don’t have them, either head over to Osan AFB OR ask if your commissary can order them. Since the item is now in the system, any commissary in Korea should be able to order them! I recommend buying the butterscotch krimpets (have you ever read Maniac Magee????) and the Peanut Butter Kandykakes. I also really love the chocolate chip cookie bars, but they didn’t have them at Osan. And if you’re reading this Tastykake, we’d LOVE some S’mores bars over here in Korea, they look AMAZING!


4 thoughts on “Tastykakes in South Korea…WHAT?!

  1. Mary V Forlano says:

    Awesome! They are my favorite snack – my favorite being the chocolate cupcakes with white icing and there is cream in the center ! Freeze those babies for a delicious treat! My favorite pie has been and will always be the lemon pie! When I was a kid the 3 pack chocolate cupcakes were 12 cents … and the pies were 15 cents! Huge difference in pricing in what they are today but each morsel is worth it and for me, the memories of my childhood are priceless! Thanks for the post Rosie…now go and enjoy one of those Krimpets … with a glass of milk! Love to you and Jim 🙂

    • Rosie says:

      I wish I liked the milk here! They must put something in it because it last for over a month…not normal right? I only use it in my cereal 😦 I can’t wait to have some normal milk when we get back! I can’t believe Tastykakes were so cheap back then! I noticed that they are cheaper here than in the States though, which is odd. They did have lemon pie there, I have never had it. Maybe I’ll get it next time. Love ya!

  2. Pat says:

    Thanks for your post, Rosie–my daughter is in Korea and she sent me the link…I grew up on Tastykakes being from the Philadelphia area. When we moved to NW Pennsylvania 24 years ago, we could only get this great treat when we would go visit family a couple times a year. Finally, in the last 2 years, Tastykake has made it way into our area (near Erie, PA)–only the boxed items, but they are now offering the single packs in Sheetz gas stations/convenience stores also (kind of like “WaWa”). I could have kissed the Tastykake guy when he was stocking the shelves in our new Sheetz store near where I work. My favorite is the Krimpets, although, since the merger, I have noticed they are just not quite the same…what I remember most when I was a kid eating these, was that they were wrapped in a waxed paper, and you could peel that open nicely and use it for a small placemat as you ate the cakes–AND, the best part was licking the icing off the paper that it stuck to sometimes! The Krimpets came three in a pack and were much larger. My other favorite is the Chocolate PB Kandykakes–the years that we couldn’t get them here, I actually have a recipe for a sheet cake that rival these. BUT, I have to agree with Mary V–my biggest favorite is the lemon pies, and the peach when in season.
    I would have absolutely shared your scream of joy, too! 🙂 Enjoy!

    • Rosie says:

      I actually do know where Erie, PA is. We have a friend who lives there. I also know what Sheetz are! I like their mac and cheese and I also have a travel mug from there, although I do prefer WaWa! If you like the butterscotch krimpets, you should try to make the bread pudding.The recipe is on their site. It’s AMAZING! Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope your daughter is enjoying Korea. I know it’s hard to be so away from family and friends, but having little things from home, like tastykakes, makes the time bearable.

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