Book Review: The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

the island

Set on Tuckernuck Island, just off of Nantucket, MA, four women journey to spend a month at their beach home, a place they haven’t revisited for the past 13 years. Tate, a computer wiz, is looking to find love that she has been harboring since she was last on the Island; Chess, a former magazine editor, is looking to find peace from a horific tragedy; Birdie, a stay-at-home ex-wife/mother of Chess and Tate, is looking to reconnect with her daughters; and India, Birdie’s sister and art curator, is trying to avoid a new love at age 55. All four women spend the month remembering the past and creating new memories together. They lay on the beach, drink wine all day, take cold showers, and live the “island life.”

As soon as I started The Island by Elin Hilderbrand, I felt like I became a part of the story. I felt a strong connection to the characters and wanted them to all find happiness, something they all clearly wanted, and needed, when they decided to go back to Tuckernuck, a home they grew up in, a home where memories lurked around every corner. I loved their quirky names, their wine happy hour before dinner, and the beach picture I painted in my mind. I love the “island life.” I love going to the beach, having nothing to do but sit around, watch movies, drink, eat, and ty not to think about real life. This book made me think of all the great times I have spent on Long Beach Island with my family at my Aunt and Uncle’s beach house.

I loved every part of this book. The love, the friendship, the bond between sisters, and the hope for love at any age. There were sad parts, happy parts, and shocking parts. I really enjoyed the bond between the two sets of sisters the most: India/Birdie and Tate/Chess. There were there for each other even when they were fighting with each other, mainly because those are the times they needed each other the most. Elin Hilderbrand captured it all by making me laugh, cry, and smile.

I have always wanted to go to Nantucket, and this book has made me want to go even more. Elin Hilderbrand currently lives in Nantucket, which is where all of her novels take place. She grew up in Pennsylvania, which is why there are many Philadelphia references in this book, another awesome reason why I loved it so much. I can not wait to pick up another more of her books, I hope they are just as good as this one.

The more I like a book, the less I want to review it. This time is certainly no exception. This is one of the best summer books I have ever read! I know this review is short, but I felt like I didn’t want to give too much away because the book is just that good! I want you to read it and enjoy it for yourself.


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