First Thoughts: Divergent by Veronica Roth


I thought I might start a new series of posts that have to do with my first thoughts on a book. Lately, I have been reading longer novels, which makes my book posts further and further apart. I thought that maybe a “first thoughts” post for a longer book could make the gaps seem smaller, and also help me keep all of my ideas in order. Also, sometimes I stop reading a book after 50 or so pages, in that case, this post would be first and last thoughts.

Today, this is only a first thoughts post because I am really digging Divergent by Veronica Roth. I know what you’re thinking, “You’re JUST reading Divergent?” Well, it’s better late than never, plus I did intend on reading it back in April but didn’t have time to get to it before I left for my trip back to the States. I’m also determined to read Divergent and Insurgent before Allegiant comes out in October. The best part about how I am JUST starting this series is that I have convinced other people to read it, before I even started. I just figured since the hype was there, it had to be good.

I had a hard time actually starting this book over the past few days, not because it was “so big” but because I had just read Eleanor and Park cover to cover, and was exhausted. I finally started it two nights ago, and probably wouldn’t have stopped except for the fact that I was pooped from my day at the pool. My first thought about Divergent was that I love dystopian societys. Seriously, they make our culture seem so normal. I haven’t read a dystopian novel in a while; the last ones I read were the Uglies and Pretties by Scott Westerfeld, last year. I still have to finish Specials, I know I suck at finishing series’.

After getting excited about the dystopian genre, I thought, what the heck are these factions? Let me explain all of what I know thus far, I am only on page 76,  so this should not include actual spoilers. Babies are born into one of five factions; the factions their parents chose at age 16. Each faction makes up a specific personality trait. You can grow up in one faction, and switch to another, or when you turn 16, choose a new faction. Once a faction is picked, you must stick with it, or you’re factionless. Each faction has a set of rules and a set of beliefs. These rules and beliefs make society function without causing a war.

The five factions are:

Abnegation: selfless leaders in government; they always put others before themselves

Candor: trustworthy and sound leaders in law; they never lie

Erudite: intelligent teachers and researchers; they are required to have debates with others amongst their faction

Amity: counselors and caretakers

Dauntless: fearless protectors from troublemakers inside and outside of the faction society

If you had to choose, which one would you pick to stay in forever? Would you choose to stay with your family, even if the faction you were born into didn’t suit you? I don’t think I would stay in the Dauntless faction, or switch into it. I am not fearless, and have no desire to work in a job that requires me to jump on and off trains, literally. I have to read a little more to determine which one I could potentially fit into.


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