Seoul Grand Park: Rose Garden in Seoul, South Korea


I know you love my hat. I bought it after exiting the subway station. There is a long row of food vendors and touristy things, leading up to the ticket booth for the park.

Last year, Jim and I discovered how amazing the Rose Garden is in Seoul Grand Park. The Rose Garden is located right across from the Seoul Zoo. I did a review about the garden last year, but I decided that it’s worth mentioning again. Also, now that my husband has a super-duper awesome camera and takes beautiful photos, I can steal them, THANKS JIM!


DSC_0170Since my name is Rose, I obviously have an attraction to roses. The first time we saw this place from the outside, we thought it would be small. Even though this was our third time going, we were still amazed by the large variety of roses and the size of the grounds itself, where you can just take a picnic and hang out all day.



Included in your admission price (2,000 Won) is the petting zoo. There are a lot of smaller animals there for smaller children to get up close and personal with. Unlike the Seoul Zoo, all of the animals are in a smaller space so a lot less walking is involved. There are also a lot of water fountains that children will enjoy playing in at the garden, so bring a change of clothes for the kiddos!

Hurry up at head on over to the Rose Garden! The roses will be taking a nap for the rest of the year after June 30!

Directions: take the Seoul Subway Line 4 to Seoul Grand Park station


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