Bukchon Hanok Village: Seoul, South Korea

bukchonBukchon Hanok Village is located near Insadong in Seoul. It’s one of those places that is off the beaten path; a place one won’t find unless they are looking for it. I must say though, it’s worth looking for.DSC_0274


Bukchon Hanok Village is one of the few places left in Korea where you can find traditional Korean houses. During the Joseon Dynasty, the noble class used to reside in this very spot, in these beautiful homes.100_5269


There is an observatory in the village. For 2,000-3,000 Won you are able to go up to the top floor of an apartment and take photos, or just look around. Admission includes a beverage of your choice.

DSC_0351Important information:

People live in these homes; be respectful and quiet.

You could easily get lost on the streets of houses that look the same; try to remember which way you came from.

On the way to the town there are a lot of little shops and restaurants, much like Insadong; check out this place for some AMAZING dumplings. Be careful not to order too many though, they’re HUGE.


Directions to Bukchon Hanok Village: about 300m from Anguk Station, Seoul Subway line 3, Exit #2

A special thanks to my husband for these BEAUTIFUL photos!


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