Cookin’ Nanta Review: MyeongDong, South Korea

100910nanta_publicityWhile Jim’s mom and brother were visiting, we decided to see a show. Much like Stomp, Cookin’ Nanta is a stage show mainly delivered through drumming. Unlike Stomp, Cookin’ Nanta is based in the kitchen.

The show is performed in three different locations in Seoul; we chose to see the show in MyeongDong.  Take subway line 4 to the Myeongdong statin, go down the main street of MyeongDong (where the Forever 21 is),  turn left at the Lotte department store, continue down that street until you see the sign outside (on your right) that says Nanta theater.


IMG1182The show started at 7:30 PM and ran for 90 minutes (there is no intermission.)  There is no photography allowed (not even without a flash) and audience participation is a possibility.We sat in the VIP section, 60,000 Won per tickets, and we were seated three rows back. I would say any seat in the theater is a good seat. The theater is small and even when sitting in the back, you are not that far from the stage.

IMG1184The prices for seats range from 40,000-70,000 Won at the MyeongDong Theater. Prices vary within all three locations. The 70,000 Won seats are rows four and five, I believe, which I guess is considered best seats in the house. If you sit on the outside of a row, or in the front row, you could be pulled on stage during the show. You can buy tickets at the theater or at Discover Seoul. Discover Seoul sometimes has discounted tickets for the military.

We all loved the show; it was loud, entertaining, and hilarious. I would highly recommend it to anyone, and would even consider going again. There are different performers for different nights, so each show is guaranteed to be unique.

The show is mostly made up of sounds and music, but there are a few words said in Korean, as well as English. I don’t know any Korean, and I understood the entire performance. This show would not be good for children under 10 because of the loud noises and because of the length of the performance.

Go check out Nanta and then tell me what you think!


2 thoughts on “Cookin’ Nanta Review: MyeongDong, South Korea

  1. Mary forlano says:

    Reminds me if “Cooking With The Calimari Sisters which has been playing at the Society Hill Playhouse — two loud sisters and they had the audience crying they were so funny. Glad you enjoyed your show and your visit with Jim’s. Mom and brother. Did they like Korea?

    • Rosie says:

      I think my mom saw that show. She said she liked it.

      Marge and Joel loved Korea! We had perfect weather and saw a lot of stuff. We saved most of the touristy things to do with them, so it was all mostly new to us, as well. It’s exciting to show off our home to family. I can’t wait for everyone to come visit us when we are closer to home!

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