Changgyeonggung Palace: Seoul, South Korea

100_5169The Changgyeonggung Palace was another one of our stops on the Seoul City Tour. This is the first, and only, palace that I have been to so far.

100_5168Changgyeonggung Palace was originally constructed in 1418 and has since then been rebuilt because of various reasons. The Palace grounds are a lot bigger than one would think by just looking at the gate from the streets of Seoul.


view from the inside of the palace towards the street

Cost for each adult: 1,000 Won (500 Won for children.) You can also buy a combination palace pass for 10,000 Won for all four palaces in Seoul (good for a month, valid for one visit to each palace.)



100_5197The Changgyeonggung Palace itself is beautiful but there is not much to look at besides empty buildings. The grounds, though, are even more spectacular. The huge pond in the back, which used to be two ponds until they were merged, was a picture perfect scene; I could have sat there all day.




Directions: Hyehwa Station, Seoul Subway Line 4, Exit 3.


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