Seoul Tower: Seoul, South Korea

100_5127I have been looking forward to visiting the Seoul Tower ever since we found out we were going to Korea. We finally made it there this past week and loved it. We can not wait to go back at least one more time.

The N Seoul Tower is located on top of Namsan Mountain and was built in 1980; the tower was renovated in 2005. When we go back in the fall, we might hike up the mountain or take the cable-car that can be reached by taking subway line 4 to the Myeong-dong subway station and walking out exit 3.


view from the main entrance level

We stopped at the Seoul Tower on our bus tour, as I mentioned before, and headed up from the bus stop to the main entrance which took less than 5 minutes. We walked up a very steep hill, so be prepared with water and walking shoes. We arrived at the top and took some photos, then purchased tickets for the tower. There is also a Teddy Bear Museum at the landing where the Seoul Tower entrance is. At first, it looked small from the outside, but then I looked it up when we returned to the hotel and realized we must have missed something because it sounded really cool. We will have to check out the teddy bears next time we go.

Price for the Seoul Tower: 9,000 Won for adults, 7,000 Won for seniors, and 5,000 won for children. You can also get a package that includes the Teddy Bear Museum: 14,000 won, 10,000 Won, and 7,000 Won, respectively.


elevator ceiling

The ride up to the observatory in the tower is really cool; make sure you look up at the little show on the ceiling. When we arrived at the observatory, we were able to walk around and have a 360 degree view of the area.There is also a small gift shop where you can buy postcards to send to family and friends. When you buy a postcard: add the postage (you actually have to LICK the stamps,) write a note, stamp it with rubber stamps, put it back in its plastic wrap, add 200 won for extra postage (if sending to the USA,) and then seal the wrapper back up. Then place it in a mailbox and hope that it gets to whoever you’re sending it to. The estimated arrival time is 2-3 weeks.


so far from the USA



view from the observatory


can’t wait to go to Jeju Island


so close to North Korea

After walking around the observatory and taking pictures, we ate at the burger place that offered, “The Best Burger in Seoul.” I must admit, it was delicious, but could have been bigger. (The bun was especially good.) While eating, we sat outside and looked over the mountain and the city. Not a bad pick if you don’t want to shell out $100’s of dollars to eat at the French restaurant at the top of the tower.

100_5164After lunch, I insisted that Jim and I add a lock to the love padlock wall (love lock wall.) You can bring your own to attach to the fence to signify everlasting love or buy one at the gift shop next to the burger place. I bought a package at the gift shop that included: a lock, a key, a key chain, and a marker for only 11,000 Won.




locked up forever



I now realize that we were supposed to throw away the key, but I want to keep it.

Another cute tradition located at the N Seoul Tower on the first floor is a wishing well. For 500 won you can buy a token to throw into a well and make a wish. I bought one token to make a wish and one token to keep as a souvenir.


at the bus stop

Overall, the N Seoul Tower is one of my new favorite places in Seoul. We probably could have spent even more time than we did there (we were there for about 2 hours) and I am looking forward to going back on a clearer day. I am also looking forward to going to the Teddy Bear Museum.


2 thoughts on “Seoul Tower: Seoul, South Korea

  1. Mary V Forlano says:

    Hi Rosie and Jim,
    Loved reading this post .. sounded like a very interesting place to visit — and I would also have enjoyed the Teddy Bear Museum. When I was in Italy I also saw a fence where you could leave a love padlock … such a cute idea and it’s obviously a huge hit. Rosie, can I ask a favor, if in your travels before you come home, would you please buy me three shot glasses? They don’t have to be fancy … and cheap is good too. I will pay you when you come home at Christmas time. Take care and keep posting … I enjoy reading about your adventures. Hope Jim’s Mom enjoyed her time in Korea with you and Jim. Love, Aunt Mary F.

    • Rosie says:

      Glad you enjoy reading! I have heard about other lock walls but apparently this is one of the few places where they encourage the locks. We went so many places when Marge and Joel were here, i have a lot to post about! They had a great time. I will keep an eye out for shot glasses!

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