Less than 6 months left in Korea!

summerMy journey back to Korea started this past Thursday morning and ended Friday afternoon. Door to door, it was about 24 hours. I must say, coming back to Korea felt WAY longer than going to America. Even though I was (and still am) excited to be back with Jim and Toby, I miss America, my family and friends, and Target, a lot.

Coming back to Korea was so different than the last time I came back in September. When we came back in September, Jim was with me, and I was full of dread; we had over a year left here and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, we have LESS THAN 6 months and the light is getting brighter and brighter every day. I am ready to move on from this country and get back to our home land, it doesn’t get any better than America, FACT. We still don’t know where we are heading, but we have hopes for anywhere closer to “home.”

I never thought summer would arrive and our countdown would officially begin, but here we are, in May, counting down and looking forward to a summer full of adventure (and packing!!) Here’s to the last 6 months in Korea, thank goodness this day has finally come!


2 thoughts on “Less than 6 months left in Korea!

  1. MC says:

    Hope you have a smooth PCS and get something closer to home 🙂 We have about 8 months left of our 2 tours in Germany and we’ll definitely miss it 😦

    • Rosie says:

      we’re going to MD! WAYYYYYY closer to home. Although anywhere is closer than Korea! We will not miss it, but we’ll miss some good friends we made. Hope you get somewhere else fun!

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