Book Review: He’s Gone by Deb Caletti

he's gone

Dani and Ian are soul mates. At least that’s what they assumed when they met at their daughter’s softball game, while still married to other people; unhappily married that is. As Dani and Ian start to fall in love, their marriages start to fall even more apart. Fast forward to after they have divorced their spouses and married each other, they realize that happily ever after isn’t always so happy.

One night, at a work party for Ian’s company, Dani gets drunk enough to forget the evening’s events except for a few details: driving home with Ian, angry; taking off her heals; and getting into bed. Was Ian there? She doesn’t remember, all she knows is when she wakes up the next morning, he’s gone.

He’s Gone by Deb Caletti is full of suspense. Although I thought the book was good, I didn’t think it was great. I wasn’t addicted to the story as much as I was annoyed.  Deb Caletti is known for her young-adult novels; He’s Gone is her first attempt at adult literature.

The story was very slow. I didn’t like the flashbacks that Dani has during the book; she remembers stories about her past with her ex-husband Mark, as well as her current husband Ian, she remembers good times, as well as the bad times. I found myself rushing through the flashbacks just so that I could get back to what was happening in the present so that I could find out more about Ian’s disappearance. The story would have moved along faster if it weren’t for the flashbacks.

I liked the relationship Dani had with her mom. Dani had told herself that she would never get divorced like her parents did. But when she did get a divorce, her mother supported her decision even though she didn’t like Ian, either. Dani’s mom is there for her  100%. She tries to give Dani advice about getting a lawyer, but she ignores this advice.

 As Dani starts to remember details of the night her husband goes missing, she keeps them from the police; she also refuses to get a lawyer. These details annoyed the crap out of me. Even though Dani is suspected to be the last person to see her husband, the police have no evidence to arrest her. She should have told them everything she knew and she also should have gotten a lawyer, she would have if this were to happen in real life.

The last fourth of the book was the best. It moved a lot swifter than the rest of the book and everything started to come together. I must say, I was shocked to find out what happened to Ian. I played so many different scenarios in my head, and what actually happened wasn’t even one of them. The end made the book worth reading.

He’s Gone will be available to read on May 14. You can pre-order it today. You should also check out my favorite Deb Caletti book, The Queen of Everything.

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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