Coffee On: Another delightful coffee shop in Pyeongtaek, South Korea

There are so many different kinds of coffee shops in Pyeongtaek; I always have trouble picking one to go to, or not going back to one I already love. Yesterday, I was on a hunt for a specific coffee shop someone told me about almost a year ago.

coffee on

Coffee On is located down the ring finger(using your right hand) of the five fingers across from AK Plaza. If you go down the street Puffins is on, you will turn right at the next corner past Puffins (it’s a pretty big intersection.) Coffee On is on the left side of the street.


When you walk in, (and even from the outside,) it kind of looks small, but there is plenty of seating. There are two rooms that are separated by doors, which are on your right when you walk in. The bigger of the two rooms is what we believe to be a smoking room, and the smaller room is like an outside patio because the floor to ceiling windows open.



If you walk past the two rooms, there is open cafe seating with couches and then on your right there are small rooms, kind of like dollhouse rooms, that contain individual tables. Those rooms seem to be the hot spots and people were actually waiting to be seated there. We went around 3:30 and it was crowded the whole time we were there.




I tried to take as many pictures of the little rooms without being creepy. We ended up sitting in the room with the floor to ceiling windows that were open a little bit to let the lovely spring breeze in.



The register and coffee bar are all the way in the back of the room. Everyone working there seemed to speak enough English so that you could place your order. They were very friendly.


I had an Iced Vanilla Latte and Jim has an Iced Caramel Macchiato (we’re very predictable.) The total for our two drinks was 11,000 Won. The menu also offered a variety of drip coffee, tea (iced and hot,) espresso drinks, smoothies, and waffles. The waffle portion of the menu was only in Korean, and it was the middle of the afternoon, so we did not order waffles. My latte was very good, not a good as the one at 63th Africa Coffee, and Jim said his caramel macchiato was very strong, but good. I love the glasses our drinks came in.


The walls of the coffee shop had a wide variety of paintings. I can’t wait to sit closer to them and look at them without having to be stealth to take photos. Jim and I decided to classify Coffee On as elegant but rugged; good for guys and gals. I also think it would be a great place for a little girls tea party.

Overall, as far as atmosphere goes, this is my favorite coffee shop so far. I loved the way the shop was decorated and the music was nice on the speakers. As far as taste and price goes, it wasn’t the best. I definitely could have purchased a better tasting drink for a lot cheaper somewhere else, but the experience was worth the price we paid. Even though I didn’t see any children there, I think it would be good for a cute afternoon out during the week. It was really crowded, since it was a Saturday, but I doubt it is as crowded during the week.


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