“War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left.”

uncle sam

What’s really going on in Korea? Your guess is as good as mine, but I can try to help you worry less about us, and everyone else living over here in South Korea.

First, let’s just say that the Korean War never really ended. North Korea and South Korea signed an armistice agreement in 1953. Meaning, the war was “over” but could start up again at any moment, if any of the agreeing parties decided that they didn’t want to continue with the cease-fire. Which apparently is what is happening now, North Korea wants to show the world that they can fight like the “big guys.” (Even though reports say that North Korea doesn’t have the power to destroy anything, except for maybe themselves.) North Korea really is in LALA land. If you want to watch a really great documentary about North Korea, check this one out, National Geographic: Inside North Korea.  (Also, check out Netflix, I think it was streaming on there, last year.) Most of what I know about North Korea, which isn’t much, I learned on this 51 minute documentary.

Second, I honestly never know what’s really going on in North Korea unless I read CNN or Google “North Korea.” (Or my mom fills me in over the phone. )We really don’t have any news stations on our Korean cable (that are in English) and if I do find something, Jim just tells me to turn it off when the Korea news part comes on. Even when I read articles on CNN, I still don’t REALLY know what’s going on because everything reported is blown out of proportion:  alarms aren’t going off and we haven’t been told to stay in our apartments at all times. (Not that this is being said, but if I was still in the States, and Jim was here, this is what I would picture in my head.) Not only can we still go about our day to day routine, we can still go to Seoul. I was there a few weeks ago and plan on going to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul next week. (Yes, I know, you’re jealous.)They are also still running tours of the DMZ. I would assume if anything was going to happen, DMZ tours would stop taking place.

Here’s my theory, I have a Slingbox (I stream my parents cable from their house in NJ to my apartment in Korea,) and sometimes I watch the news from the States. If I turn on CNN and all they are talking about is Korea, then I know there is something going on. (This hasn’t happened yet.) If they say, “And in other news North Korea has moved their missile, now let’s talk about how Lindsay Lohan is in jail again…” Then I know there is nothing to worry about. (Because you know when something bad happens, CNN covers it non-stop for days.)

These are the things I remind myself of almost every day. The Army would not let us live here if we were in any immediate danger. I know it’s easy for me to say don’t worry about us, but it’s okay, we’re okay.


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