Recipe: The best ANYTIME SALAD you will ever have

I’m not a huge salad lover, but I have grown to enjoy salads, especially if they include fruit. This is my all-time favorite salad recipe. It’s delicious any time of year and is quick and easy to put together.

Cranberry Pear Salad Recipe

Salad Ingredients

1 large head of lettuce

2 medium pears or 1 large Asian Pear

1 cup of dried cranberries

4 to 6 oz of crumbled blue cheese

3 oz of real bacon bits

Dressing Ingredients

Poppy seed dressing

Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Directions for Salad:

1. Chop lettuce head up into smaller pieces


2. Add cranberries, blue cheese, and bacon bits (I left bacon bits on the side because my one friend is a vegetarian)


3. Peal and cut pear into cubed pieces (I used an Asian pear and it was so sweet!)

4. Toss pear in lemon juice to keep pieces from turning brown and add them to the top of the salad


Note:  Do not toss salad or all of the ingredients will fall to the bottom

Directions for dressing:

1. Combine 70% poppy seed dressing and 30% balsamic vinaigrette in a bowl or dressing container

2. Mix well by shaking or stirring with a spoon

The original recipe can be found at Espresso and Cream.


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