I’m Your Fan: Best Pork Cutlet EVER


I’m Your Fan in Angeong- Ri, near Camp Humphreys, serves the best pork cutlet ever. We went on a Saturday night around 5:00 PM and it was empty, except for a few coffee drinkers. Yes, they sell pork cutlets and coffee, a strange combination.

The menu is small. They offer four different kinds of pork cutlet: regular (7,000 won,) double cheese (9,000 won,)  hot spicy (8,000 won,) and well-being grill (I’m assuming this is their healthy choice for 10,000 won.) They also have steak fried rice (8,000 won) as an entree. My husband ordered the hot spicy pork cutlet and I ordered the double cheese pork cutlet. We also ordered two pieces of garlic bread (1,000 won each.) The side menu also includes: sausage (3,000 won) and mussels (4,000 won.)


The atmosphere of the restaurant is great for a date night. It’s elegant but not fancy, casual but not plain. There was music playing and the decor of the restaurant was very relaxing.


Before our entrees came out, the waiter, who spoke very good English, brought out rice water, the garlic bread we ordered, and soup that came with our meals. The soup tasted like the broth in the chicken gnocchi soup at Olive Garden. It was so smooth and sweet. We gobbled it down, along with the garlic bread.

There is a small buffet in the middle of the restaurant, which is self serve. The small buffet (included in meal price) includes: rice, radish, salad, corn, and pickles (typical Korean side dishes.) The corn mixture was very good. I was not a fan of the salad dressing.


Next came our meals, and when I say our portions were huge, I mean it. We were more than pleased with the way our food was displayed; a rice ball and our pork cutlet were presented on a pretty silver plate.

My pork cutlet (right) was outstanding. There was cheese on top and cheese inside; each bite was better than the bite before. The sauce under the cutlet was very sweet; I was tempted to lick the plate clean, but I decided it wasn’t very lady like. My husband said his pork cutlet was very hot and spicy and I would die if I tasted it, but with that being said, he loved it. (I do not have a high tolerance for spiciness.) The rice ball was sticky rice, not the typical white rice you see at most restaurants, and it was delicious (I wish we were given more!)

We both left I’m Your Fan full and happy. We decided that this will be one of our new dining out spots. I love Korean food, but sometimes it’s nice to have something different when we go out. Word on the street is that Koreans love Pork Cutlets. I didn’t know they were popular until this restaurant popped up a few months ago.

I can not wait to go back and have coffee and dessert. The dessert options are waffles and/or honey bread. They also offer specialty coffee drinks such as: vanilla lattes, mocha lattes, cappuccinos, caramel macchiatos, sweet potato lattes, and green tea lattes.

Directions: Go out the main drive through gate at Camp Humphreys and drive straight. It will be on your left across the street from Rio Grill. If you pass Rio Grill, you have gone too far.


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