“So many books, so little time.” – Frank Zappa

For our Anniversary, Jim and I went to the Coex Mall in Seoul. Mainly because we wanted to see the Aquarium, but also to check out one of the biggest malls in Asia.


As you know, I’m book crazy. I miss going to Barns & Noble to check out the bargain racks and browse the new books. Jim and I would do this on a Friday night, just because we were bored. I’m happy to report that we were finally able to browse books, which were written in English, at the Coex Mall.

Brandi & Luni’s  is a huge bookstore in the mall. Not only do they have Korean books but they also have tons of books written in English. Of course, I order the majority of my books off Amazon because they are usually cheaper, but I was happy to just be able to touch the books. There was even a bargain rack!

I noticed that children’s books written in English were more expensive than in the states. Adult literature was similarly priced to Barns & Noble, but Children’s books were overpriced. I didn’t buy any books at the store, but I was very happy to look. I felt like I was experiencing a little piece of home.

Korean’s love notebooks, stickers, and stationary. I have a problem not buying all three of these items whenever we go out. This time I gave into my addiction and bought three notebooks.


How can I say no to a notebook with nail polish on it, a penguin notebook, and a Korean notebook that says “I love you?” I just can’t say no, and it’s a problem. When I get back to the states I am going to be able to open up my own notebook shop.


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